Monday, 30 March 2015


The They're Real mascara completely took off in the UK and rightly so. It's a really lovely mascara to wear that makes your lashes look full, separated and long without looking clumpy or spidery. It's so exciting that they're now coming out with a couple of new shades for us! The brown and the blue will be hitting shelves in July. I really love both colours. The brown is great for red heads that want to give their eyes a little definition without looking "made up". The blue is so vibrant and bright. My favourite way to wear coloured mascaras like the blue is to coat your lashes with black mascara then to flick the ends with the colour. It just gives a flash of brightness when you open and close your eyes that people will be mesmerised by.

The They're Real Push Up Liner hasn't been forgotten either. In fact, this has *four* new colour ways! Hooray! Brown, blue, green and purple. I was pleasantly surprised when I saw the shades. I expected them to be very vibrant and metallic. Not so. These are so much more wearable than that. I've tried to make the swatches sheer so you can see the colour. However, when you apply them the gel is actually quite dense and these colours are very subtle. The blue is more of a midnight, the green is very mossy and the purple is more of a plum style of shade. The finish is very creamy without any shimmer and once they're set they don't budge. It's so easy to get a fine, defined, clean line with the applicator as well. These really are foolproof. 

The They're Real Remover isn't anything super new but I haven't talked about it here before. I love this product. It takes water resistant makeup off in a flash without leaving any oily residue. It's terrific for work when I need to make changes on set and I've been using a product that doesn't want to be taken off. I just pop a bit of this onto a cotton tip or a cotton pad and wipe away. You're left with clean, soft, dry skin. Perfect!!!

These new colours will all be available in July. Right in time for the sunshine. 

Rebecca x

Friday, 27 March 2015


I got to do another shoot for Glasshouse salon recently. I really love the guys over there so it's always a fun day. These were my favourite of the images. You can see more over at the Glasshouse journal.

Rebecca x

Wednesday, 25 March 2015


Yeah, snails. On your skin. It's not exactly enticing, is it? Trust me when I tell you that it's a lot better than your imagination is telling you right now!  You can also rest assured that this isn't snails in a bottle. It's actually the slime snails secrete that is turned into a powder and included in this magic potion.

I'm pretty sure that last statement didn't do much to stop you from turning your nose up at this. However, it will start to make sense when I tell you that snail slime actually serves to help regenerate a snail and its shell. In the same way, the snail slime helps our skin to do the same thing. With added in hyaluronic acid, aloe and antioxidants, you're going to have smoother, brighter, more hydrated skin. What's not to love!?

For the first couple of weeks I was using this, I could smell a hint of similarity in fragrance to a Dr Perricone product that actually makes me gag. This smell wasn't nearly as strong and I can't even smell it anymore. It was just the faintest hint of it. As with all the Dr Organic Snail Gel products, this has a fruity kind of fragrance going on. It's much stronger in the hand serum but it's still there in the facial serum. It's a very light and fresh scent.

In fact, the same goes for the texture of this serum. It's great under moisturiser and I think I'd use it on its own if I was on holidays in a humid, tropical climate. After a few weeks, my skin is happy. I wa having a breakout but that seems to have calmed down and I'm on my way to having a bright and clear complexion again. Hooray!

At just £17.99 for a bottle from Holland and Barrett, this is definitely a great bargain. I should also mention here that this product is organic and cruelty free! Hooray!

Rebecca x

Monday, 23 March 2015


That could possibly sound a little creepy. No, this isn't a bag full of skin. But it's my skin prep/skin illumination/use this on every job bag. I could never go to a job without it. It's a Muji Small Vanity Case. I think I may have filled it as much as I can. I should point out here that there is usually a little tub of balm cleanser and a cleansing cloth in there as well as all of this. However, the last of the balm cleanser got used up on a shoot the other day and I haven't replaced it yet. 

In the slots that are meant for makeup brushes in the lid, I keep some smaller tubes that might otherwise get lost in the bottom of the bag. I keep a mini tube of ClarinsMen Super Moisture Balm, some Balance Me Wonder Eye CreamDark Duo Glue and Regular Duo Glue.

In the back pocket, I keep more medicinal/emergency purpose supplies. I have regular and soluble aspirin, paracetamol, ibuprofen, tampons, individually packaged eye drops, chewing gum and Estee Lauder Stress Relief Eye Pads.

In the left pocket I keep a couple of mixing well trays and some strips of double sided adhesive.

More often than you'd think, I need to get boys camera ready. This means an entirely different kind of prep than for a girl. So for those days, I keep Bioderma Sebium Pore RefinerMAC Mattifying GelToleriane FluideEssence All ABout Matt! Oil Control Papers.

When it comes to lips, I've got it covered. These are multi purpose products as well. My kit weighs a ton, I need products that can multi task. Here I have Lucas Papaw OintmentHomeoplasmine that I've put in a pot, Vaseline Lip TherapyMAC Lip Glass.

For the days when I get to pretend to be a lab scientist and mix my own concotions up, I have MAC Water Base Mixing MediumMAC Matte Mixing MediumInglot Duraline.

I've covered these on the blog before. I have a highlighter addiction. They all live in this bag. I use a lot of the lip prep products to highlight but these are the big guns. MAC Strobe CreamBurberry Fresh Glow Radiance in Shades 1 and 2MAC Lustre Drops in Pink RebelBenefit Sun BeamMadina Colour Guard Concealer (yes! as a highlighter! I know!), Madina Chic & Shine Stick.

This bag is probably the punchiest bag inside my kit. I think it's my favourite as well. 

Rebecca xx

Friday, 20 March 2015


Your eyes are not deceiving you! Yes, this is salt toothpaste. I'm obsessed! This is, hands down, the best toothpaste I have ever used.

As part of my effort to use less chemicals in my life, I was looking for a new toothpaste that didn't fill my body with even more of the nasties I'm trying to avoid. When I googled, Weleda Salt Toothpaste came up and I had to try it. The reviews were outstanding and I love all the Weleda offerings I've tried in the past.

Anyone that's heard me mention it recently has reacted with a bit of outrage. Salt toothpaste!? What!? Eww!!!! It couldn't be further from the truth. Yes, there is a slightly salty taste as you're brushing but in a weirdly refreshing way. It's also freshening with natural peppermint oils. Trust me, you haven't felt clean teeth like you have using this toothpaste. It's awesome! I used to kind of dread brushing my teeth. My skin is crazy sensitive and I was constantly red around the corners of my mouth where the toothpaste would burn my skin. I'm pretty sure all the chemicals were irritating my gums and causing my teeth to be more sensitive. Since I've been using Weleda Salt Toothpaste, I've had none of that. Hooray!!!

Definitely give this a try. It will change your dental life.

Rebecca xx

Wednesday, 18 March 2015


I'm light on empties for this month, I'm afraid. Having been away for two weeks, I took a bunch of minis and sachets so my supplies at home are looking unusually healthy.

I finally got through my giant tub of Botanifique Hydradeep Body Scrub. This was so yummy. I loved it. I could have used a little more scrubiness from it but the fragrance made it too delicious not to use.

I finished two serums last month. Clarins HydraQuench Intensive BiPhase Serum was really lovely to use. So light but so hydrating at the same time. I love how quickly this sunk in so I could go straight in with my moisturiser over the top. The other one was Givenchy Hydra Sparkling Instant Beauty. This isn't technically a serum as much as a radiance booster. You can use it before or after your moisturiser. I was opting for before so it had a little more of a serum effect. The texture is like that of a super light lotion. Almost in between a serum and a lotion. I like the radiance I got from it. Especially when the weather was so cold and I was so poorly with a chest infection. My complexion was really suffering. I only had a teensy bit of this left as it was from my work kit. It was on the brink of running out so I had already replaced it. I don't like to get caught out on set with a product that only has a few pumps left in it. I got about two weeks out of this when I used it at home.

Finally, I have a discontinued foundation. I'm not sure if this technically counts as an empty. The jar is empty. However, the colour of this one was a little pink and another was a little yellow. So I emptied what was left of this into the other to get the perfect colour. I'm quite sad that Shu Uemura don't make this anymore. It was a really lovely foundation. Very dewy and youth giving. However, the packaging is quite annoying. You need to work a little at the application. You can easily apply too much. I use a damp sponge and then buff over it with a duo fibre brush to make sure it looks really natural. I loved using it in my kit. I try not to keep too many discontinued items in there, though.

Till next month!

Rebecca x

Monday, 16 March 2015


I don't do a lot of hair posts. I'm pretty boring with my hair, to be honest. I blow dry it straight and that's about it. My main hair focus is generally my pursuit of volume. My hair is super fine and has a tendency to lie completely flat against my scalp. Attractive. (please note my tone of sarcasm there)  My hair products also last me an age seeing as I have such fine hair. I need to be a little smart about my product selection and how to layer it, otherwise my hair gets weighed down and looks dirty as well as flat. Glorious. (sarcasm. again)

I'm keeping things super simple at the moment and it seems to be going well. As usual I'm putting conditioner through my hair before my shampoo and my Organic Colour Systems shampoo from Glasshouse Salon in Hackney keeps the volume in it. While it's still wet, I put a little Wella Shape Control Styling Mousse through from near the roots to the ends followed by a little Dr Organic Moroccan Argan Oil Hair Treatment Serum through the ends. This stuff smells crazy amazing!!! It's got Orange, Clove and Geranium Oils in it to condition the hair. I want to turn it into a candle!! To work that through and have my hair ready for the blow drier, I give it a gentle brush through with my Tangle Teezer.

After I've tipped my head over and given my hair a rough dry, I use my Kent Round Brush to bring the entire middle section of my hair forward towards my face. I do that from my forehead all the way back to the nape of my neck. After flipping my head back over, I take the brush through the ends of my hair to turn them under slightly and do a cold shot of air all over to keep the style and add a little shine to the hair.

After shaking it all out with my fingers and roughing it up a little, I spray a little Structure London Finish Spray to try keep the evils of humidity and wind at bay.

If my roots start to look a little iffy after a day or two, I'll spritz some Fudge Dry Shampoo through it. A little goes a long way but this doesn't make my hair look powdery and it smells yummy.

So there you have it. My hair routine du jour. None of these products look like they're going to be finished any time soon so I suspect I won't be doing another of these posts for a while. However, I'm really happy with how my hair is looking. I didn't take any of it away to Milan or Paris with me and I suffered dreadful hair days every single day! I wont be making that mistake again any time soon!

Rebecca x

Friday, 13 March 2015


I mentioned yesterday that when in Milan, pretty much all the makeup artists will stop by Madina at some stage. I'm not really one to go mad on the shopping front, especially with shopping lists for other people back in London. In light of that, these were my two purchases for the season.

First up, I got this concealer. Well, that's what it says on the tube. We used it on a show as a highlighter. This is a stunning highlighter. I can't wait to use it on a shoot.

I also picked up the Prism shadow in number 18. I was eyeing this off last season but didn't get it. I decided to treat myself this time around. It's such a perfect shade of smokey. Again, I'm dying to use it. It's very metallic without being glittery and feels so soft and blendable. I'm really looking forward to September when I can choose another couple of bits to squeeze into my luggage!!!

Rebecca x