Friday, 30 January 2015


I'm not really into rose fragrances. However, I do love some Rose Otto. At first I wasn't massively into this hand cream. Mostly because I was turning my nose up at the idea of putting roses on my hands. Second time around I was pleasantly surprised. Now I'm hooked. It sits in my bathroom and I use it every time I wash my hands. I should add here that I was my hands a lot. Habit of being a makeup artist, I guess. That also means I get really dry hands. I also have a tendency towards dermatitis so really need to keep my paws regularly lotioned.

This is a non greasy formula, which I love. There is nothing worse than getting your hands all nice and clean just to have them feel grubby again with a heavy hand cream. It sinks in really quickly leaving your hands feeling just right. The fragrance is so soothing. It's just what you need on a busy day.

You can get your Rose Otto Hand Cream from Balance Me here.

R xx

Wednesday, 28 January 2015


I'm in love with these photos. You can see the full set at They were taken by Lewis Hayward and styled by Holly Coopey.

On the hair I was using Joico Joi Lotion, Power Gel and Power Spray.

Skin was prepped using Balance Me whilst the base was done using all Burberry. Brows and lashes were Estee Lauder. Cheeks, Eyes and Lips were all MAC.

R xx

Monday, 26 January 2015


Never fear, what's inside the bottle hasn't changed. It's just had a very pretty makeover. In fact, most of the awesome Alpha H products are getting a little spruce up on the packaging front. I'm loving this new bottle on my bathroom shelf. It's so suedey and luxe.

As always, it's one of those things that is in constant rotation in my routine. Every few nights I go to bed sans lotions and potions and just some Liquid Gold on my skin. I wake up with an almost new complexion feeling revived and fresh. Trust me, with all this marathon training trying to kill me, I need the Liquid Gold in my life!

You can get your magic bottle of amazingness delivered right to your door from Cult Beauty.

R x

Saturday, 24 January 2015


Training hit a bit of a standstill this week. I'm currently propped up with a thousand pillows as my back has decided that it no longer wishes to function. To be fair, I know how it feels. I frequently wish I could just seize up and be left alone. Never fear, I am booked in for my treatment on Monday morning and will be harassing people to get out of my way on the Thames Path again in no time.

I had the most amazing evening on Tuesday. The wonderful Strongroom Bar in Shoreditch put on a free comedy night and gave all the donations from the evening to my marathon fundraising! Whoop! Everyone was so amazingly generous. Especially the acts giving their time as well as some cheeky donations as they left. If you get a chance, definitely check out: Tom DeaconLuisa OmelianDamian ClarkEllie Jane TaylorCheekykita. If you're sad about missing out, don't be! There is another free comedy night coming up in February that will also be raising money for my awesome cause. I shall be keeping everyone updated on dates and times via social media as always.

Things I'm excited about right now:

  • getting my back sorted out so I can start running again.
  • the marathon Meet The Experts Day that is going to be here before I know it.
  • meeting some other people doing the marathon that might be in my time slot. I don't know anyone else at this stage!
  • starting to get some seriously nice, long runs happening on Sundays.
  • getting new trainers on Meet The Experts Day. I think mine are starting to give up a little.
If you fancy popping a spare fiver towards my fundraising efforts, I would be amazingly grateful! You can do it via my Virgin Money Giving page here.

R xx

Friday, 23 January 2015


Hair, makeup and nails by moi. Pretty photographs taken by Alice Fisher. Styling by India Trusselle.

Rebecca x

Thursday, 22 January 2015


I've posted about Rapidlash many years ago. I noticed recently that my lashes were looking sparse, spindly and rather sad. I put it down to one of the many displeasing aspects of ageing. Well, I wasn't going to take that lying down so I decided to go into battle. Lucky for me, I seem to be winning without too much effort. All it's taken is a tube of Rapidlash.

One of the things I like is that this is purely a conditioning treatment. It's not based on any scary glaucoma treatments like some similar products. Yet, I find it to be highly effective. Within a few weeks I've noticed a huge difference.

Simply run some product along the base of your lashes like you would with a liquid eyeliner. Make sure you're fully cleansed and product free. Also, only do this treatment at night. The sooner you close your eyes the better. It can sting a little if you get it in your eyes.

Already my lashes are looking thicker, darker and longer. Hooray!!!! Best of all, I found mine on Amazon for £22. Hooray!

Rebecca x

Monday, 19 January 2015


Been at the gym since New Years? Nearly back in shape after all the yummy Christmas food? Well done you. I'm still getting working on it. Meh. If you're ready to strut your stuff again, then look at some of these lovely, slinky outfits to make the most of it. I'm loving the gym kit in this video. 

Here is the beauty breakdown on the party makeup I did on Rebecca


Photos taken by Alice Fisher. Hair by Sky Cripps Jackson. Skin using Balance Me and makeup by moi with Burberry.

Rebecca x