Monday, 2 March 2015


Well, this has been quite the surprise. I did not expect to like this foundation as much as I do. It's quickly becoming my go-to foundation for work. Especially if I'm doing beauty. Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow has a very dewy finish and really brightens the complexion. I find if you have an oilier skin type with open pores, then this might not be the one for you. However, if you have normal to dry skin, it's going to look amazing. I've been applying it with a damp sponge then going in with a concealer where I need it and finishing with a buff all over using a duo fibre brush.

To keep life confusing, there are two shades called Ivory. I end up mixing those two colours together to come up with a neutral shade. The other two colours I have are generally fine when I use them on their own. I also like that the packaging is plastic. It means it's lightweight for me to carry around in my kit. Hooray! I have to decant anything in a glass bottle into a small Muji tube if I've any chance of being able to lift my suitcase up and down the stairs on the tube!

This is definitely a winner on the foundation front from me.

R xx

Friday, 27 February 2015


As you've probably gathered, I like to keep things minimal. My house, my wardrobe, my skincare and my makeup look. That's partly why I view my makeup in two parts. The neutral and the colour. There isn't a ton of colour in my look. That's partly because I like the red lips to be a statement and partly because I don't have loads of time to spend on my makeup in the mornings.

In fact, if you have a look around, you'll notice that there aren't a lot of makeup artists around that wear loads of makeup. That's in part because we have to be one of the first ones on set in the mornings and we don't get a lot of time to stop during the day so we can't take time out to maintain it. I need makeup that goes on quickly and stays in place. I feel like I've got that pretty much down with this look. It's my every day, every night go-to.

Foundation: This is a discontinued foundation, I'm afraid. I've mixed two pots together to come up with my perfect colour. Seeing as it had been discontinued, I was going to throw it away from my kit but decided that I really liked it so just used it on myself instead. It's a creamy texture that can be quite dewy. It's very thick so I sheer it down and apply with a sponge. I'm not sure if and when I'll ever finish this pot! If you can, don't ever buy foundation in a pot. It's seriously annoying as far as packaging goes. I'd much prefer a pump, tube or dropper situation.

Estee Lauder Double Wear Stay In Place Flawless Concealer: This is an oldie but a goodie. If you apply it lightly under your eyes, you'll be able to use this as a one stop concealer. Just don't go too heavy under the eyes or it can look a little dry and cakey. This really doesn't budge. It's perfect for those of us that need to apply first thing in the morning and not look at your makeup again all day.

Bourjois Healthy Balance Powder: Weirdly, I love loose powder but don't use it at home. I don't have a bathroom counter so I need products that are packaged very conveniently. (That thing about the pot of foundation again) A compact powder is my friend here. I'm not really into super powdering a complexion. Including my own. However, as some insurance for my t-zone, I'll powder down the centre of my face. I also powder where I'm going to go over with my powder cheek colour so it applies smoothly and without any patches.

Benefit Creaseless Cream in Birthday Suit: This is such a great cream shadow. It really doesn't crease. It had dried out but I brought it back to life with my Inglot Duraline. It now applies super smoothly and is just the right colour. Ocassionally I wear it on it's own but usually I use it as a base. I really love this.

Maybelline Eye Studio Lasting Drama Gel Liner: Does what it says on the tin. I suspect I will never, ever run out of this. I don't do big liner flicks or anything like that. Just a little definition around the lash line. I do find that it can be a little smudgy if I'm not using a cream shadow base or some duraline underneath it.

Maybelline Dream Sun Bronzer: Hello perfection. This is the bronzer dreams are made of. It suits practically anyone, even the palest of pale people like me. I use the mid shade all over my eyes and the deep shade on the crease. Then I use those two shades mixed together to give my face a soft contour. The highlighter goes down the centre of my nose, cupids bow, cheek bones and inner corners of the eye. You can also blend all three together to sweep over your face for the perfect bronzed goddess look. It's gorgeous.

Essence The Lash Curler Mascara: £3.30! I love Essence. This is a really cute mascara where the lid is inside another piece so it can rotate as you apply the mascara. This action helps to curl the lashes as you apply. I still like to give mine a curl when I have a spare minute. The formulation gives super length. I do sometimes get panda eyes by the end of the day, though. Drats.

Max Factor Eyebrow Pencil: Does what it says on the tin. I like that it has the brush on the end. It's a really good shade for me as well. Even though my brows look fairly dark, they're actually a dark blonde shade. This looks really natural on me.

Then I like to inject a touch of colour into my face.

Before I apply powder, I give my cheeks a flush with my Clarins Multi Blush in Grenadine. Then, right before I leave the house, I'll line my lips with my Topshop Wheels On Fire Lip Liner (love an Ab Fab reference) and go over it with either my Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Beso or my Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet in Hot Pepper. The Bourjois is for more of a casual look whereas the Stila is for when I feel like I can pull off a Lip.

R xx

Wednesday, 25 February 2015


I don't like to have more than one item of each product on the go at one time. That's why I don't often post these kinds of things. I also seem to take ages to finish a product. I've had a bot of a swap around of things from my kit recently and anything that wasn't finished and was getting taken out has landed in the pile of goodies that I'm to finish off in my own bathroom. In saying that, there is only one product in this post that falls under that category. Well, one and a half. Sort of...

Chanel Lait Doceur Cleansing Milk:  I seemed to have a *lot* of cleansing milks in my cupboard. I'm doing my best to patiently work through them. Cleansing milks aren't my favourite but this is my favourite of the ones I've been using thus far. It's just the right texture and just the right level of fragrance. The smell is just lovely, by the way.

Givenchy Hydrasparkling Luminesence Multiprotective Moistusing Fluid SPF 30: Having just finished the tube that I took out of my kit, I started on the backup tube I had waiting. For a fluid, this is surprisingly hydrating and has more substance to it than you might think. In fact, if you have oily skin, I probably wouldn't recommend this. I love it with the foundation I'm currently using and I'm happy that I'm out and about with SPF 30 on my face. Hooray.

Botanifique Eco-Contour Eye Serum: I really love this eye serum. I've been using it morning and night. If you wanted something that felt more substantial, you could use something richer in the evening. However, I feel like this is enough for me. Is great under makeup. I think my eyes are the bit that's ageing the fastest on my face without having super heavy lines and wrinkles. Would highly recommend this. Lasts for ages!

Clarins HydraQuench Intensive Serum Bi-Phase: The texture of this serum is very unique. It's a lot like an oily eye makeup remover to look at. It has the two parts that don't mix till you pump it out. It's very light but has a slightly oily feeling to it. Without being oily on the skin. It sinks in really quickly and is lovely under your lotion without feeling greasy or heavy. This is a really lovely, lightweight serum.

Suti Rejuvenate Skin Oil: I *love* Suti as a brand. This face oil is amazing. I stopped using it and went to another oil but it was way too rich for my skin. It was leaving me oily and broken out. I went back to Suti, dropped a toner that was breaking me out and my skin instantly went back to normal. Hooray! This oil is a little miracle. Ordinarily I'd mix it in with my day lotion as well as my night cream. However, the level of radiance I'm getting from the Givenchy Hydrasparkling is enough right now so I'm only using this at night. A joy to use!

Dermalogica Barrier Repair Ultra Calming: Dermalogica is a brand my skin doesn't usually get along with. It's not something I'd go in search of. However, I was given this and it's been rolling around in my bathroom for ages. I bring it out whenever I have a bad, painful breakout. That happened to me recently and this product calms things right down. Quickly. I have no idea how, but it does. Now my skin is back to normal, it's been relegated to the back of the cupboard again.

Benefit Total Moisture Facial Cream: Benefit isn't usually a brand I think of when I think of skincare. However, this is a really lovely cream. Very simple, nothing complicated. Just hydrating and comforting. It has a refreshing fragrance. It's quite cucumber-esque. I mix my Suti oil in with some of this for my night time treatment. If you have rather dehydrated skin you could use this in the day time as well.

Balance Me Stellar Beauty Balm: This is a one-pot-wonder indeed. It's one that will last you for aaaaggggeeeesssss. It feels never ending. I use it as a lip balm morning and night. During the winter months I've been using it as a barrier all over my face when I go for training runs. It helps to keep me well protected against the wind. I forgot to put it on one day. Wow. My cheeks were *stinging* when I got back home. I like to feel quite smug while I'm out running with it on as it's great as a moisturising mask. So I'm super multi tasking whilst getting my training miles in and beautifying myself at the same time. I win at marathon training from that perspective.

R xx

Monday, 23 February 2015


I know what you're thinking, those are cleansing cloths in the photo. Yup. These are gooduns. Don't get me wrong, cleansing cloths are not for cleansing! However, if you need to take off some makeup or give your skin a water-free freshen up, you will need a cleansing cloth. They have their place and I do always keep a packet in my kit. The Yes To Cucumbers cloths are my favourite at the moment. I'm calling them a cleansing cloth because they're super thick and really doused with actual product. They're very gentle and great for sensitive skin.

I also had a chance to try out the moisturisers on a recent job. These are lovely and really great value for money. They all do what they say on the tin and prepped skin very nicely before I put makeup on. If you share a bathroom shelf with your other half, this is one of those products that you could both happily use. There isn't any offensive or super feminine fragrance issues and the packaging is very fresh and clean. I was using these on a job where I was looking after both boys and girls. I generally go for a lighter texture on boys. The cucumber and tomato formulations came in really handy.

Definitely go check these out.

R xx

Friday, 20 February 2015


Technically, this should probably be called the January and February Empties post. I've been holding onto these thinking I'd do a video but it hasn't happened and I really need to remove the pile of bottles and tubes from my bathroom! To put this in context a little, I'm on a mission to work through all of my partially used products. All the stuff that is sitting around, taking up space needs to go and I have this weird thing about not wasting anything. Hence, it's all getting used up and I'm not allowed to start new things till the old stuff is gone. That useful piece of information will probably help some of my other posts make a bit more sense as well. 

Garnier Essentials Softening Cleansing Lotion: I was given this cleanser on a job I did at the beginning of last year. It's been staring at me forever so I decided to put it in my shower as a makeup remover. It was perfect for getting most of my makeup off. From time to time it would struggle with my Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick and any waterproof mascaras I might wear but the rest all came off with one quick wash. It's a lotion designed for dry skin so it's been great over the winter. It had a comforting fragrance that I quite liked. 

I Coloniali Invigorating Tibetan Shower Cream Rhubarb: I had never heard of this brand before. I've not seen it in stores or online anywhere but it's a really great product. I was using this as a bath soak after training runs. It wasn't too bubbly, which I find annoying and it smelt like a spa break. Exactly what I needed after a hard run in the wind. I potentially got a little carried away with how much of this I was putting in the tub as I feel like it ran out really quickly. Drats. 

Radox Sleep Easy and Muscle Soak Bath Soaks: These were a quick and budget replacement for the I Coloniali. They did what they said on the tin and they were only £1 each on offer at Boots when I picked them up! Whoop! I would mix the two together after an evening run then fall into bed. Perfect. My skin did feel quite dry afterwards so I couldn't skip out on the lotion. They're also *very* bubbly. Not my cup of tea but if you're into bubbles, then you'll love these.

Balance Me Super Toning Body Cream: I've talked about this before and I still love it. The bergamot, geranium and lavender is a heavenly fragrance. It's great for improving the appearance of tired skin as well. 

La Perla Divina Fragrance: This was a very pretty fragrance. A little prettier and sweeter than my usual style but a lovely one nonetheless. I got quite a few compliments on it. I'm not sure it's one I'd race out to purchase again but if you like very feminine, sweet fragrances, it's worth checking out. 

Her Haircare Rituals Volumising Powder: Sadly it looks like this brand doesn't exist anymore. However, that means it's on special at QVC! Hooray! Get in there!! This was a really lovely brand and my favourite hair powder to use on myself. It was a little less thick and grippy than a lot of other hair powders. I love that for work but I don't love my own hair feeling like cement. It was a softer take on hair powder with all the volumising benefits.

Estee Lauder Perfectly Clean Cleanser: This incarnation of Perfectly Clean doesn't exist anymore. It's now an airy foaming cleanser whereas mine was a cleansing lotion. I prefer the new formulation. This was great for getting my makeup off but it wasn't my cup of tea for a proper cleanse. My skin is crazy sensitive and didn't love the fragrance.

Tresemme 24 Hour Body Blow Dry Lotion: If you have fine hair then you'll understand my obsession with volumising products. If I need a heat protectant spray, then I'd like it to give my roots some lift at the same time, please. To be honest, I don't know that I noticed any huge difference whilst using this. What I did notice was that my scalp stung a little when I sprayed it on. Like I said, I have crazy sensitive skin.

Dermalogica Skin Hydrating Booster: I was using this as a serum. It's a very watery consistency so I suspect you could use it as a moisturising water as well. I was using it morning and night. I'm not sure I saw loads of difference, to be honest. It has hyaluronic acid as one of its main claims so I was looking for plumper skin. To be fair, I did make it through the bitter months without massively dehydrated skin. Yay. 

Mio Double Bluff: I'm an idiot. I didn't once manage to absorb the fact that you're supposed to use this on dry skin before you get in the bath or shower. No wonder I wasn't massively impressed with it. Drats.

Givenchy Hydrasparkling Multiprotective Luminescence Moisturising Lotion SPF 30: This is a product I took out of my kit and decided to use the rest on myself. I was loving it for work as it perfected the skin to the point where I barely needed any foundation. Somehow it brings skin to life and soft focuses imperfections. However, the level of radiance sometimes read as a little sweaty on camera. I switched to another product that was quite as radiant and decided to use the rest of the Givenchy on myself. The SPF 30 is such a huge bonus. Especially with all the marathon training I'm doing. I know the weather has been super dreary but that doesn't mean we're not susceptible to sun damage. I'm not leaving this house without sun protection!!! I also find that the foundation I'm using needs a radiant base so this fits the bill perfectly. Hooray.

Maybelline Fit Me Concealer: I really love Maybelline as a brand. I've worked on jobs that they've sponsored so have had quite a lot of their products fall into my kit as a result. I'm always so surprised at how great they are. This is one of those items that is really inexpensive but can easily hold its own against concealers more than three or four times its price. I use it under eyes, on imperfections and blemishes. A really great concealer.

Essence Maximum Volume Mascara: £2.80!!! £2.80!!! Can we talk about that? You know what I was just saying about the Maybelline concealer? That goes for just about everything from Essence as well. This is an astounding brand when it comes to value for money. You'll be hard pushed to find many of their products that are over £3 and they do an amazing job. This mascara is one of them. To be fair, if you're after mega fat lashes, this isn't for you. If you're after wearable volume, then get one of these. When I was using this I rarely had my signature panda eye look with a ring of black sitting neatly in the crease under my eyes. Win.

R xx

Wednesday, 18 February 2015


Lottie London is an adorable new brand hitting Superdrug in March. It's fun and colourful and perfect for Spring. The Eye Shadow brush is going straight into my kit. I think I'll be using it as a concealer brush. It looks like the perfect shape and size to erase under eye circles.The brushes are all vegan friendly and really soft. I'm keen to give the foundation brush and the blending brush. Again, I think I'd use the blending brush for spot concealing or diffused colour around the lash line.

I got to try the nail varnish remover pot. This has a really soft sponge insert. Love that! It was quick and didn't leave my nails feeling dried out. The colour selection of the nail varnishes is really fun. There are some sparkles I've really got my eye on. The formulation is very easy to use. They're a coat-and-a-half sort of situation.

My favourite was quite a surprise for me. There is a gorgeous set of tattoo transfers available. They're all in silver, gold and black. I had a small star put on my finger and as soon as it was on I wanted to put on about five more. I'm dying to use these more often but I'm going to hold off till summer.

R xx

Monday, 16 February 2015


These are some new photos that have been published in Elegant Magazine. The photos were taken by Mudita Aeron, styled by Harriet Wheeler and with hair by Kasia Fortuna.

For the makeup I used all products by Estee Lauder

R xx

Wednesday, 11 February 2015


I'm usually not into these types of products. I've also never step foot inside an Inglot store before. That's partly because I don't go to Westfields. I was there with my Mum doing some emergency Christmas shopping and popped in specifically to check this little guy out. I'd heard on the grapevine that it was magic for making things super waterproof and for bringing cream shadows back to life. That is one of my never ending issues. Gel liners and cream shadows that dry up within five minutes of being in my kit. Sometimes it's the formula, sometimes it's the glass pots with lids that don't like to stay screwed on whilst being wheeled around in a suitcase day in day out. I have so many beloved products that I cart around in the hope that I can revive them. I just can't bring myself to throw them away. 

Duraline has been the answer to all my problems! I decided to try it out on a Benefit Creaseless Cream Shadow that I had put into a plastic sample pot for personal use. It had completely dried up and was on the brink of going in the bin. When I put a drop of Duraline in I was surprised at the texture. It was a lot oilier than I expected to be. However, it brought my shadow back to life instantly! I was using it with a brush that day. It creates a texture that means you won't be able to be a one brush wonder like I usually am when I'm doing my own makeup. You'll need to wash that one pretty quickly before it gets caked with product.

Here's the kicker. I have super oily eyelids. All my eyeliners, eye shadows, etc are smooshed over my lid in a muddy mess within a few hours of precise application. With the Duraline mixed into my base, everything that went on top stayed perfectly in place for over twelve hours. Even my notoriously smooshy gel liner! I'm beyond shocked. That's never happened to me before. I think I'm going to need one for myself and one for my kit. 

Just to make sure I'm properly, properly addicted to Duraline, it seems that after two days of putting one drop into my cream shadow, it's now revived for some time. I've not put it in again and when I use my finger with my Creaseless Cream, all is well. I don't think it's quite revived enough for a brush but I prefer to throw that shadow on with my fingers anyways. 

If you're a working makeup artist, you're able to apply for the Inglot pro card to get a further 20% off as well. This is definitely one to check out. 

R xx

PS: Don't think about using this to create a stay put lipstick. There is a very well hidden warning on the bottle that this is to be kept clear of any oral cavities. 

PPS: The actual use for this product is to turn pigments or pressed powders into liquids and liners. I tried it with a powdered cake liner and it didn't really work. I've not tried it with a regular powder yet.

R x