Monday, 29 June 2015


I'm obsessed with this! Mostly because of the smell. Yum! I'm not usually into fruity flavours but this is so good! My bathroom permanently smells amazing now that I'm using this. I had run out of scrub and really needed a new one so stopped into a Body Shop seeing as there was a buy one get one half price situation going on. I also wanted to get something that was ethical and cruelty free. I'm sure you've noticed all my little asteriskes and cruelty free hashtags of late.

Anyhoo, after smelling a few, I settled on the Pink Grapefruit flavour. I also picked up a coconut one but I haven't used that yet. It's a creamier looking texture than this one. I shall report back when I've given it a couple of rounds.

Mostly I love the scent of this scrub. The scrubby beads are a little smaller than I like and the texture is a lightweight jelly. I still love using it, though. It's the smell. I need this in a candle. In fact, I'm probably going to go order a grapefruit flavoured candle as soon as I've finished writing this. I want my whole house to smell like this body scrub.

I'm getting through it quite quickly. The tub isn't exactly huge. Definitely watch out for the buy one get one half price so you can make the most of the discount. I'm pretty sure The Body Shop does stuff like that all the time.

Rebecca x

*cruelty free

Friday, 26 June 2015


Well, these are going straight into my kit. They're are the perfect no makeup makeup pieces. Even those that really don't like wearing makeup and want to go bare faced are going to be into these treasures. I'm talking about magic bottles of makeup that will give you a glowing complexion while you're wearing them and have long term skincare benefits to boot. If you love to multitask as much as I do, then you're going to want to get your mitts on these.

The No Mascara mascara is perfect for anyone that has light lashes and wants them to look more defined without looking like they're wearing mascara. This is more of a charcoal shade so it's very pretty and subtle. Whats magic about it is that it's full of Neuropeptides that will condition lashes to make them fuller, stronger and longer. I think my favourite way to use this would be as a primer for another mascara over the top.

The No Concealer concealer is perfection for under eyes. It has Vitamin C Ester in it to give a treatment to fine lines and dark circles whilst also giving you the coverage you need to cover up the problem at hand. The texture of this is very watery and light. It's not going to feel cakey or cloggy on your skin.

The No Lipstick lipstick is one of those lip colours that changes colour according to your pH levels. It's a beautiful rosy tone that will be perfect on all complexions and won't ever look out of place in any setting. It's a treatment that has more of those clever Neuropeptides to help treat the lines around your lips. As an ex smoker and general oldie, this is perfect for me. Especially considering my addiction to red lipstick. There is nothing worse than when it runs into the lines around my top lip! Nightmare!

The No Blush blush is probably my favourite out of this collection. It's such a beautiful colour and texture. Again, it's going to look a slightly different colour according to your pH levels. It gives a perfect flush to anyone's complexion.

I am dying to try the No Bronzer bronzer on someone. Because it's such a liquidy texture, I'll be able to mix it into moisturisers and foundations as well as use it as a standalone product. I'm always on the lookout for a new non-powder bronzer to replace the discontinued Chanel Universelle mousse bronzer. Again, this is full of Vitamin C Ester to treat your skin while you're wearing it.

The No Foundation foundation is a light to medium coverage foundation that feels as light as air. It's got Alpha Lipoic Acid in it to give you a dewy look and comes in two shades. I think there are more shades to come so if you have a darker complexion, definitely keep your eyes out. I wasn't a huge fan of the first incarnation of this product but the new one is just a dream. It's so smooth and buildable.

My other favourite of the collection is the No Foundation Serum. This is even lighter than the No Foundation foundation and feels like water going onto the skin. It gives a super light coverage and leaves a beautifully dewy finish thanks to the Neuropeptides. It would also make a great primer step if you wanted to give a boost to your No Foundation foundation. You could even mix your No Bronzer bronzer into it, buff and then go over with your No Foundation foundation for a flawless, golden goddess look.

These will be in Selfridges from June 25th and online and other stores from July 2nd. I'll keep you posted via instagram of the pretty work pictures when I'm using it on set. I've got a feeling I'm going to need to keep an eye on these in case the models try to sneak away with them at the end of the day!

Rebecca x

*cruelty free

Wednesday, 24 June 2015


This post is coming to you a little late in the month. Whoops! I just had so many fun, new things to tell you about. I promise I hadn't forgotten. I've got quite a few to get through here for you. The next empties post is looking to be fairly choc-a-bloc as well. It's all going on over here with the empties. So cathartic and satisfying!

Rapid Lash: Woah. This is pretty amazing. I saw results within a couple of weeks and by the end of the tube my lashes were looking a little *too* long. I got more length than fullness but I was still a lot lashier than before I was using it. I haven't used it for about a month now and I'm just starting to think I'm ready to get a new tube. I get this from Amazon to save myself a bit of money. This is a definite hall of fame product. *cruelty free

Exuvience Gentle Cleansing Cream: This was a nice cleanser. It was good for taking makeup off but I usually needed to use an eye makeup remover first. The mango fragrance was lovely. Being a cream/milk cleanser, I was often wishing I had more of a wash cleanser to give me an extra clean feeling. As always, I used a warm wash cloth to take this off. I'm not really into using cotton or tissues for that.

Soap and Glory Heel Genius: Not my first rodeo when it comes to Heel Genius. I've had one before and it's likely that I'll have one again. The smell is lovely without being the traditional "foot cream" smell. I also love that it has fruit acids in it to give you even smoother feet in the morning. The giant box of products I bought before Christmas really has made me happy all year long. It's highly likely I'll get another next December. *cruelty free

Aussie Take The Heat Conditioner: This probably isn't going to go down as my favourite conditioner of all time. I found that my hair took a lot of damage while I was using this. The smell is amazing and the price is definitely budget friendly. Maybe not one for hair that's been lightened and takes a beating from a blow drier two or three times a week.

S5 Vitality Mask: Organic skincare gorgeousness. I love S5. It's a great product and the packaging isn't too girly. I'm not massively into flowers and colours. This sleek, grey tube was just right. The product inside the lovely tube was even better. Gentle, easy to use and left my skin looking glowy and bright. I'm super keen to try more S5 in my own bathroom as well as my kit. *organic

Givenchy Hydrasparkling Multiprotective Luminescence Fluid SPF30: This is one of those ones that was in my kit and then I replaced it so used the last of the tube up in my own bathroom. It's the second one I've had and it was lovely. I'm not hugely into the fragrance of it but it's definitely brightening. I also like it when I have a built in SPF. Especially when it's as high as 30. Tubes make me happy when it comes to packaging. They're tidier than a pot and you can really get to the last of the product if you cut it open. I'm not so into the pumps so this made me happy on that front.

Soap and Glory Sugar Crush Body Scrub: This is sweeeeetttt. You definitely won't be hunting out any sugary treats to eat after you've used this. Sometimes it was a little overpowering but it's limey, sugar yumminess. The scrubiness was great and I love that the beads are proper smooshed up crunchy stuff that won't kill the fishes when it washes down the shower drain. My skin was deliciously soft while I was using this. *cruelty free

Dr Organic Dead Sea Mineral Deodorant: My search for a non-chemical based deodorant continues. This wasn't the one for me. On most of the levels that you want a deodorant to work for you. *organic

Zelens Trasformer Instant Renewal Mask: OMG. That's pretty much all I need to say about that. This is a new complexion in a pot. Again, it's one that was in my kit and then I decided to keep the last of it for myself. It's a big pot to carry around in my case, which was a bit annoying but not something that would bother you if you're just using it on yourself. This got me out of hot water on a bunch of jobs where I needed to turn tired, stressed skin into that of a glowing goddess. 15 minutes and you'll look like a changed woman. *vegan *cruelty free

I need a nap after all of that.

Rebecca x

Monday, 22 June 2015


Did you know that Urban Decay did lashes? I only recently made this discovery and I'm rather pleased I did. They're a little bit gorgeous. There is a selection of several different designs but I'm loving these gorgeous corner ones at the moment. They're called Fast, Easy, Sexy. Fairly apt. I also love that I've got two sets in a box. That makes my life so easy! They're not over packaged, either. Over packaging drives me nuts. This is just right.

Also new to my radar are these two very pretty additions to my kit. An eyeshadow in gold with flecks of luminescent green called Sideline and a fabulous gloss in Failbait. These Revolution High Colour Lip Glosses are a little bit wonderous. They're more like a liquid lipstick with shine. You're not going to get a sheer hint of colour here. What you see is what you get.

If you're in London, head down to the Urban Decay Boutique in Covent Garden. It's quite the little treasure trove.

Rebecca x

Friday, 19 June 2015


I have more new favourites from Bare Minerals these days. It's a brand that I feel has been flying under the radar for a while now. It seems to have snuck up on me with a bunch of awesome products that have quickly become favourites in my kit. If there is anything I love for work, it's a multi purpose product that makes my life quick and easy. Bare Minerals is checking all of those boxes. 

First up, the 5 In 1 shadows. These are amazing! The colours are terrific for creating a smooth base and once they're on, they don't budge for anyone! These are my favourite two colours, Sweet Spice and Divine Wine.

I don't think this Pop Of Passion cream cheek colour is out yet but keep your eyes peeled. The colour is perfection for a summer flush and the consistency is wonderful. Soft, blendable and generally gorgeous. I'm hoping this comes in more shades.

We really need to talk about the Mineralixirs 5 Oil Blend and Mineralixirs Eye Nourishing Balm. Nourishing Eye Balm, you say? Yes! It's a beautiful, oily balm just for your eyes. If, like me, you sometimes suffer from exzema or scaly eyelids, this is your new friend. It's one I'd only use at night time but it smells and feels wonderful. I'm so excited to be able to use it on my clients to soothe and calm their puffy eyes. I'm a notorious face oil fanatic. This has quickly made its way into my favourites. It smells and feels wonderful. I love the way a good face oil makes the skin glow. I also like to mix two or three drops into some of my foundations to create a translucent finish. If you're not using a face oil, you *really* need to check this one out.

There are some really exciting things coming up this year for Bare Minerals. Definitely keep your ear to the ground when it comes to their amazing new launches. The bit sand pieces I've been using on set already have everyone hooked. When they find out it's a cruelty free brand, I frequently have to double check none of my favourites have gone missing from my kit!!

Rebecca x

Wednesday, 17 June 2015


I have some beautiful new images in Playing Fashion magazine. Go have a looksie. The skin is all thanks to Antipodes Skincare

Rebecca x

Monday, 15 June 2015


My coconut obsession has found all new heights. I eat coconut yoghurt for breakfast, I love all my coconut flavoured body products. I've been using coconut oil for my baking and now I'm putting it on my face.

I was a little sceptical about using this as a cleanser. I've heard really mixed reports. My cleanser had run out unexpectedly and I was in a pinch. I knew I had this dinky pot rolling around somewhere so I grabbed it and threw it on my bathroom shelf. I'm so glad I did! My skin is loving it! In fact, I had been going through a rough patch as far as breakouts go and I'm pretty sure this helped to calm that down. As well as that, my skin is generally clearer, brighter and smoother. Obviously, it smells delicious. It's solid but feels really clean and light when you warm it up in your hands. I use a hot cloth to take it off and my skin feels smooth and soft afterwards.

I've read that some people find coconut oil as a cleanser leaves a residue that they don't like. I think if you have skin with an oily tendency that would probably be the case. For my drier skin, this is great. I also use a very, very small amount as a little goes a ling way. In the mornings I use it once but in the evenings one round takes my makeup off and the next is my cleansing round. I do find that I must use an eye makeup remover, It's not great for getting rid of mascara. That's okay seeing as I have one that's great and I'm keen to use it up.

I love that this is simply coconut. It's great to have a product that doesn't have an extensive ingredients list full of words I can't pronounce. It's vegan and cruelty free which is always a plus as well! I'm yet to try the whole oil pulling situation for my teeth. Who has twenty minutes a day for that? I shall keep you posted if I do ever find myself with the spare time and the inclination.

You can get Vitacoco coconut oil almost anywhere these days. They even have it in my local Tesco!

R x