Wednesday, 26 November 2014


Ooohhh, I feel that the Nars I fell in love with is back with a bang! There are so many gorgeous new Nars bits out at the moment and I want them *all*. With the 20th anniversary of the brand upon us, they've been coming out with some fabulous new products to celebrate.

The first one I bring to you is the Nars All Day Luminous Powder Foundation SPF 25. This isn't powder foundation as you know it. It's the most gorgeously fine powder that leaves a perfected but glowing finish. You can use it wet or dry or even double up for a completely perfect complexion. The clever sponge in the compact even has two sides to it. One will give you fuller coverage and the other lighter. Talk about customisation.

Can we talk about this packaging? Ooh la la. It's sleek and luxe all at the same time. It's making me want to fly to New York immediately. It comes in 15 shades that will cover most complexion colourings. My selection here goes from the lightest to Med 4. There are another two Med/Dark shades above this.

You'll definitely want to check these out. I'm so excited about using them in my kit this week but I'm also wanting to get one for myself as well!

Rebecca x

Monday, 24 November 2014


I've always loved the fairytale of Cinderalla. I used to torture my Mum with wanting to wanting to watch different versions of it constantly when I was a little girls. This year House Of Fraser have given us the perfect fairytale and made it even easier to be your own Cinderella.

If you want to know how to recreate Cindy's perfect party look, then I've listed everything I used below for you.

Rebecca x


  • first I sprayed through Cindy's hair with some Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep Spray.
  • I then went through the hair in sections and wrapped it around a Babyliss conical wand before letting the wringlets sit to cool down.
  • Once the curls were cool, I brushed through them vigorously with a bristle brush to create the waves before running a little Kiehls Creme With Silk Groom through it.
Skin Prep:

Saturday, 22 November 2014


I'm not going to lie, it's been a pretty terrible week for training. I've been fighting off illnesses for such a long time and it finally went to my chest so I've taken most of this week off to try shake it for good. Obviously that means I've been eating all the food. All of it. Mon dieu. As of today I need to try reign that in big time. Except that a friend is making me fish finger sandwiches this afternoon and they're in my top five of favourites!!

Anyhoo, another reason I've not been running is after my last 10k on Friday night. That would be the night that a group of teenage boys decided it would be fun to cycle up behind me, shout all sorts at me then slap and grab my tushie while I was trying to run. That lasted for a good fiveish minutes before they got bored and I ran onto a path where it was hard for them to follow. What the heck!? For starters, I'm old enough to be their mother!!! When did it become okay for boys to do stuff like that to girls? To be fair, it's not just the boys that seem to think girls running isn't something to be taken seriously.

I run along the Thames Path. My neck of the woods can get pretty busy as I live near a bunch of tourist attractions. It's also seems to be one of the busiest spots for runners to get some miles in. It's mostly boys I see when I'm out running. They're quite inspiring the way they seem to just soar around without trying too hard. I watch them while I'm huffing and puffing and trying not to die. The people wandering the path for fun all seem to part for these lanky, strong boys seeing as they're obviously training for something very serious. Meanwhile, the other girls and I on the track seem to struggle a little more. I think the fact that we're substantially shorter probably doesn't help with people seeing us coming. I feel like people look at us like we're just out to lose a few pounds before Christmas. It's really hard to get people to move. They wander right in front of me and I end up running almost twice the distance after all the ducking and weaving to try keep my pace up. Frequently I'll try to tuck in behind one of the lanky boys just so I can take advantage of the wanderers moving aside until he out runs me and I'm left to my own devices again! Honestly, I'm more exhausted at the end of a run having tried to not crash into someone than from the running itself. If you're wandering between Tower Bridge and Waterloo, please watch out for a bespectacled girl all dressed in black!

Meanwhile, I'm getting back into the regular 10k runs this coming week. I'm waiting for my foam roller to be delivered as we speak then I'm off to stock up on some gear to help keep me a bit warmer. It's so cold out there! If you fancy donating to help motivate me out of bed on these cold, dark mornings to go training, please drop by my Virgin Money Giving Page.

Rebecca xx

Friday, 21 November 2014


There are things that sit by my bed that I need to apply before I sleep. This is one of those things. I'm used to a much more lotioney type of foot texture but I was told on good authority that this one was the best foot treatment ever. So I gave it a try. I was pretty hooked right away. Especially with all my running, this has come in so handy. I put it on every night and it's keeping my feet relatively in tact. Hooray!

Fabulous Organic Foot Balm is a true, balmy texture. It's lovely and thick with a very, very oily base. The peppermint, eucalyptus and lemon keep my overworked tootsies calm, cool and smelling fresh. Seeing as I've been running around 20-25 miles a week, the extra soothing calendula and pumpkin seed is really helping to keep any foot aches at bay as well. I'll be so sad when this runs out!!! To be fair, you only need a little as it goes a long way so I'm going to be okay for a little while longer.

R xx

Wednesday, 19 November 2014


I've long been a fan of the Lush Charity Pot. It smelt and felt great plus I got to feel super smug with each application because I was doing something good for the planet and mankind. When I went in the summer and was told that it had been changed, I was a little fraught. Luckily, they've kept the old charity pot and renamed it, Formulae Known As. This makes me happy on several levels. I like trying new things, I am attached to the old Charity Pot and I love Prince. Yay!!

I decided to dive into the new Charity Pot and try to love it. Strangely, I did. I thought I would miss the old smell more than I did and I was a little worried that the new consistency would be a little heavy. To be fair, I waited till Autumn to use it and by then my skin was drinking it up and it absorbed a lot more easily than I had expected it to. I was quite sad the day it ran out.

So I cracked open the Formulae Known As. Ahhhhh. The smell. It makes me so happy! Then, I came to the realisation that I'm not completely in love with the consistency. It's so thin! I want my thick, gloopy Charity Pot texture back!!! But with the smell of Formulae Known As. Essentially, I'm difficult and want what I can't have. Formulae Known As just isn't sinking into my skin as quickly as I'd like and it feels so thin and runny in comparison to the other body lotions I've been using lately. I'm officially addicted to something that packs a bit more punch. I wonder if Lush will hear my plea and come out with a revised Charity Pot that will have the smell from the old pot and the consistency of the new one??? Fingers crossed!

Rebecca x

Monday, 17 November 2014

Saturday, 15 November 2014


Another week another training update!

This week I've added some strength training into the mix. I'm trying to get three of these in a week but will settle for two. They're only half an hour but I'm definitely noticing the difference. My legs are so much happier while I'm running with the added muscle to get me through it. These workouts aren't particularly challenging at this stage. Lots of lunges and squats for the most part. I'm guessing as the weeks go on they'll probably get harder. Scary!

My running times have been a little faster this week, which is nice. The 10k is definitely becoming more manageable. Leaving those days in between runs has made a huge difference. I'm getting a little over 10ks done in an hour. Yay! A friend told me that training for a marathon is about adding that little extra on each time. She's so right. Every now and then my legs try to give up on me when I'm about a mile from home. In my head I start singing the song from Finding Nemo... "Just keep swimming, just keep swimming". Obviously I change the words to "Just keep running, just keep running". It gets me through that last, little bit.

That same friend also mentioned that fundraising for a marathon is a lot like training to run it. Just a little bit each week. I've had so many generous people donate to my cause. Which, by the way, is Rethink. You can read all about why I'm doing this here. If you have a spare £5, I would love if you sent it my way! You can sponsor my run via my Virgin Money Giving page. It's so exciting to watch the donations number get higher and higher!!

Rebecca x

Friday, 14 November 2014


More and more I find myself wanting to use natural skin care. Both on myself and my clients. I love how sophisticated the formulations are becoming and skin just drinks them up. There is a new gang in town, Botanifique. This is a very comprehensive range that has been split up into five different categories to tackle just about any skin concern you might have. Each category has a full range of products including masks so you'll have every angle of your regimen covered.

I have the Eco-Contour Eye Serum from the Everyday Face line. These products are designed to nourish and hydrate the skin - my favourites. I'm a firm believer that if you keep skin hydrated and protected from the sun, half your battle is won. This is a lovely, light texture perfect for use in the mornings. It's non greasy and packed with Witch Hazel to treat dark circles and puffiness as well as Jojoba to keep skin soft and tight. Makeup glides over the top of this looking seamless and natural.

Even the Botanifique body products are divided into five categories! Talk about attention to detail! I have the Hydradeep Body Scrub in Green Tea and Verbena. Yummmmmm. This smells so fresh! Rice powder gives this its lovely scrubiness. It's chunky enough to feel like you're getting a good scrub but not so scrubby that you feel like you've taken most of your skin off. Perfect.

I'm really enjoying these goodies and am definitely looking forward to trying more.  They're available online at

R xx