Thursday, 27 November 2008

The Essentials In Life

Hola Chicas,

I'm sooooooo sorry I've been off the radar so long! Beauty Queens were not put on this earth to deal with gas leaks and the like! It's all too much to bear!

Anyhoo, down to business. I might have been off the radar but I certainly haven't forgotten about you! I've been busily and diligently testing out some credit crunch friendly essentials. When you as a girl what item should would take from her cosmetics bag to a dessert island, they usually respond with their favourite mascara or eyeliner. So I've been testing out a few cheapie liquid eyeliners and mascaras.

I've been sporting a liquid eyeline by Boots No 17 over the last week. Boy, oh, boy does that puppy have staying power! You could run a marathon and I think it would still be there when you got to the finish line! I've had it on all day at work, I've had it on at the gym and it hasn't gone anywhere. The ultimate test was last weekend when I was clearing up from some of the remodelling going on at my house. Loads of trips up and down stairs carrying heavy items for the dump and loads of traipsing around the garden. It might have only been 5 degrees outside but a girl works up quite the glow doing all that hard work! Did I still have my lovely Audrey style flicked eyeliner in place after five hours of hard work? You bet I did! The draw back with this particular item is in the precision. I'm a long time user of old fashioned cake style liquid eyeliner that you use with a separate brush. Along with most regular liquid liners, the brush on this one doesn't give you a lot of control and things can go horribly wrong very easily. Be prepared with a cotton tip to do tidy ups and don't expect to be able to do much more than the usual line and flick. This wasn't designed for artistry to be honest.

Next I compared a couple of volumising mascaras. The first was Boots No 17 and the second was Collection 2000 Fattening mascara. The Collection 2000 number has great packaging that is nice and fat along with a super fat brush. It makes you feel like you're going to have seriously chubby lashes. Neither product gave me the false fattie lash effect I was after but both did have great staying power and I've not had a panda eye all week. Not bad but I'm going to stick to splashing out on my Flextencils for the time being.

I miss you guys and I promise not to be such a stranger!!!


Rebecca xxx

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Lady In Red

When I think of classically luxurious beauty indulgence I immediately think of Elizabeth Arden's Red Door Spa. Yum yum! It gives you the feeling of being a movie star or even a fabulous lady that lunches. Clearly a girl like me really only dreams of being able to frequent such magnificent temples to all things beautiful. But you need not fret! There is a simple way to give yourself that feeling every day, several times a day without breaking the bank! It's so exciting.

I know that everyone loves and adores Elizabeth Arden's 8 Hour Cream. Unfortunately, much to my disdain, I've had to categorise 8 Hour Cream with smoked salmon, caviar and capers. All things that epitomise luxury but for some reason I just can't get along with them. I've tried ever so hard, but it just doesn't work out. As much as I love the 8 Hour Cream, it just doesn't love me. Last week I made the most joyous discovery. 8 HOUR HAND CREAM! It even has the picture of the Red Door right on the front of the tube!!!! I have it sitting on my desk in front of my computer screen at work and even though work is relentless and depressing, the picture of that little red door cheers me up every time I glance down at it.

It's not just the pretty packaging that makes me so deliriously happy. The unmistakable fragrance of the famous and revered 8 Hour Cream is all this this beautiful hand lotion. I've been spotted in the office making other people smell my hands after each application to enjoy the fragrance as much as I do. If I keep this behaviour up they're going to send me off for a psych evaluation before I know it! Perhaps I can put it down to vast amounts of stress or some such!

So the gorgeous, uplifting picture on the front, the iconic and luxurious fragrance.... I feel like I've forgotten to tell you something. It's sooooooooooooooooo softening!!!!!!!!!! My hands feel like that of Cleopatra or some such! Ooooohhhh, if I were a bottle of hand wash I'd want to marry this tube of hand cream!!!! Go ahead, you can call me weird, I'm used to it! But seriously, this hand lotion is the Queen of all hand lotions. Just try it, I bet you agree with me!


Rebecca xxx

Monday, 17 November 2008

Where there is smoke there is fire

So I tried out the No 17 Smoky Eyes Kit yesterday. I decided to stick to just what was in the kit and see how smoky we could go. The kit includes a glitter eye pencil, a pot of shimmer powder and a volumising mascara. I wouldn't say the result is the smokiest look I've ever seen but the basics are all there for sure. I love the sparkle powder that's in the kit. Its a gorgeous dark grey with the prettiest Tinkerbell sparkle through it. My favourite piece of advice to really give this smoky eye a punch (not in the picture) would be to get a nice build up of the pencil on your forefinger and use it to put down a dark base on your eyelid up to the crease. Blend it in really well using your ring finger and then put the sparkle powder over the top. It will give you an intensity you can't get from just putting the sparkle powder down straight on the lid like I did for the photo. Then line the eye both above the lashline and on the upper and lower water lines. layer on the mascara and you're good to go!
You might want to keep a fire extinguisher handy at all times.
Rebecca xxx

Thursday, 13 November 2008

A Rose By Any Other Name...

Lets face it, we're all guilty of buying something just because it sounds fabulous. I'm the first to hold my hand up and announce that I've purchased based on a brilliant name alone. I'm so pleased that I've finally found something that has the best name I've ever witnessed but is also one of the best things to ever hit my make up collection! Hooray hooray hooray!!!!

"Rebecca, please spill the beans already!", I hear you scream. I have three words for you, girls. Jelly, Pong, Pong. Yes, you heard me right. Jelly Pong Pong have done the most amazing lip and cheek tint that they call Supermodel Stain. The shade I've fallen head over heels for is Slenderella. Have I overloaded you with fabulosity yet? I can't tell you how much fun I've had all day running around telling my friends I'm wearing Jelly Pong Pong Supermodel Stain in Slenderella!!!!! They think I've suddenly contracted some form of dementure but that makes it even more entertaining.

Now for the practicalities of the matter. Yes, this product has the best name ever but there is more. Yes, MORE! The entire package is the size of a large postage stamp! It's the perfect item to put in your slimmest clutch bag for touch ups on a glamorous night out. Or if you're sporting your skinniest jeans and don't want to take a bag, you can put this in your back pocket and it won't look like an over sized tampax like the silhouette of most pocketed lip glosses tend towards. Then, for the best part. The compact even manages to have a mirror in it!!!!! I'm telling you, the people at Jelly Pong Pong have thought of it all!

To recap; it has the best name ever, it's multi purpose, the colours are terrific and they go on a treat, the packaging is practical for every possible occasion and it has a mirror! If only it would do the washing up and my life would be complete!


Rebecca xxx

Monday, 10 November 2008

Mirror Mirror on the Wall, Who's the Most Glamorous of Them All?

I'm begging each and every one of you, please immediately go out and purchase Glamour magazine today! Each magazine includes one of three great Nails Inc shades for FREE! Need me to say it again? Okay! FREEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I chose the super cute ballet pink shade but there is also a totally on trend black and a timeless red shade.

Obviously it has the usual Glamour-fabulousness including fashion look upon fashion inspiration upon fashion innovation. It also has party looks to get you all the way through party season. I love all the pieces on how to look great while our Miu Miu purses feel the effects of the credit crunch. But girls, there is NEVER an excuse not to look great. Okay, there might be a few but they're not socially acceptable so don't even consider them.

Long story short, get down to WH Smith, pick up Glamour with your fave shade of nail varnish and get reading!!!


Rebecca xxx