Friday, 30 October 2009

Lashtastic – The Results part one

It is a month and a day since I started using Cargo’s LashActivator. It has been a month of highs and lows (or if I wanted to be cheesy – longs and shorts).
I’m undecided when it comes to this one. Is that allowed?
I read loads of reviews that the mascara was crumbly and had a tendency to end up under eyes rather than on eyelashes and that it was a terrific mascara primer. I pretty much had the opposite experience.
First things first – did it activate my lashes? Yes and no. Yes, for the first two weeks I noticed an amazing difference in the length of my lashes. Definitely the length and definitely not the fullness. Not that it ever claimed to increase the fullness, but I just wanted to make that clear.
Now, the nitty gritty. If you want to use this as a mascara it has the usual pros and cons. I thought it was a terrific mascara as far as staying power and texture. It wasn’t crumbly and, like many expensive mascaras, it didn’t end up under my eye at any point. However, it’s a very “natural” looking mascara. It doesn’t give “extra” length (except for the fact that it encourages your lashes to be naturally longer) and it certainly doesn’t add any volume. I liked this for mooching around at brunch on the weekends, grabbing the Sunday morning papers for the boyf and things like that.
After reading reviews that this worked well as a primer I tried that out a lot. Especially seeing as on a daily basis I am a fan of a false lash effect with big length, big volume and inky blackness. Oooh, this did not work out for me! I was constantly struggling with crumbles, the other mascaras would always end up clumpy and I’d end up taking the whole lot off out of frustration. And I’m petrified of spiders so being able to see spidery clumps of lashes all day was freaking me out!!! No no no no no!!!!! No, I did not enjoy that part of the experience!!!!
So, I’m on the fence. I’m now about to embark on a month of L’Oreal’s Renewal Lash Serum. This time next month I’ll let you know the same kind of review as well as a comparison between the two.
Rebecca xxx

Bath of the Day # 2

When a girl is feeling poorly, a sure fire way of trying to feel better is with a bath. Unfortunately today’s effort hasn’t left me feeling any better at all. Where did it all go wrong? How is this even possible?
I’m sure you’ve noticed that I don’t like saying bad things about products. First of all, products are a girl’s best and secret friend! Second of all, I’ve always been taught that if you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything all. With that in mind, please take the following with a pinch of salt.
I didn’t like a Lush product!!!! Are you shocked? I am! I’m so not feeling well enough to process this fact right now. I had my “feel better” bath a while ago and I’m still reeling from this fact. I put the silvery Want To Believe bath melt in the tub and it just wasn’t for me. I’m so sad now. Want_to_Believe I feel like a naughty girl that was just left a lump of coal in her Christmas stocking. It has left a shockingly black, gritty mess in the tub that I need to clean up, I didn’t enjoy bathing in black water and the smell was really icky. I tried so hard to like it but I just couldn’t.
To try make the best of a bad situation I tried out the Angels Delight soap. It’s fragrance is delicious and full of coconut and gardenia. It’s pretty hues of pink and lilac with shimmers and different textures was easing my unhappiness at being in a tub of black, gritty water. That’s pretty much where it all ended for me. My slice of soap was opaque along the top and sheer along the bottom. As it got wet in the bath, the two pieces immediately separated. Disappointment number one. Then, even though the fragrance is delicious, the texture and sensation of the soap just wasn’t up to yesterday’s creamy lusciousness that came from the Snowcake. I prefer the fragrance of the Angels Delight to the Snowcake, but the rest of the fabulousness just wasn’t there. Angels_Delight
I’m probably blowing this dilemma totally out of proportion seeing as I’m suffering from the plague but I would advise to steer clear of these two and opt for a different Lush-tastic bath time treat. Although – if there was another product with the flavour of the Angels Delight, I’d totally be up for trying that out!
Rebecca xxx
PS: pictures courtesy of the Lush website, x

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Bath of the Day

yummy yummy yummy. I know it’s a little early but I’m in a bit of a mood for all the smells of Christmas. I had such a nice bath today to help me feel a bit better seeing as I’m currently suffering from the plague.
I started with a Mister Butterball bath ballistic. Oooh, it’s been so long since I had a butterball and this one was even better because it looks so cute.Mister_Butterbal By the way, this pic is from the Lush website. Speaking of which – I found the new website a little tricky to navigate. Some of the links don’t go to the expected place (I’m sure that’s just teething problems) but trickiest of all is ordering different flavours of the same kind of item is pretty time consuming. The end result is worth it when your package arrives.
Back to my yummy bath – I used the Snowcake soap. It was pretty decadent. It smells like almond icing and goes on super creamy. It glides over your skin and leaves it feeling seriously soft. My block really isn’t going to last very long I don’t think. I just like it’s texture too much.
To top bath time off I tried the Let Them Eat Cake lip balm. I really do smell like a proper Christmas cake now. It even has the same texture as Christmas cake mixture! I might need to pick up another one to last me beyond the holiday season. I’m loving it so much.
Rebecca xxx

Friday, 9 October 2009

Nails A Go Go

I’ve been messing around with coloured nails a little more than usual lately. I have discovered how much I like Barry M Nail Paints. Their consistency and staying power is fantastic – especially for the price!
Nails Inc has never been high up on my list of favourite brands but I picked up the Catwalk Collection a few weeks ago. It was £10 for all five mini sized bottles and the collection of colours is fun as well as varied. I think my favourite might be Dover St Markets but I can’t say for sure just yet. Decisions have never been my strong point.
Rebecca xxx