Thursday, 3 December 2009

Light Up Lipglosses


A friend of mine wanted to buy some Model Co lipglosses with the light up lid as a gift but couldn't find them anywhere. I had a quick scout around the internet but was pretty sure I had heard a nasty rumour that you can't get their make up in the UK anymore. As an alternative I knew I had seen one in Superdrug.

Any excuse to trot into Superdrug is good enough for me to make a trip! Not only did I find one line of light up lipglosses but I found TWO! Hooray!

The Me Me Me one looks just like the Model Co ones as far as the packaging goes. I do, however, think the silver is going to flake off the lid at some stage. I don't have any hard evidence of this yet, it's just my prediction. The colours are very pretty and neutral. I got Luminous which is a very pretty pink colour. It has a delicious peppermint smell but is very sheer so I need to use something like Gosh's Darling lipstick underneath to take the colour out of my lips.

The Gosh light up gloss has a much sturdier feel to the packaging. The glosses are in jewel colours with loads of glitter in there for extra holiday time fun. I can feel the glitter in there a little so they're not quite as comfy as a Dazzleglass but they're a pretty good dupe. I love the one in 02. It's adorable! It has pretty good staying power, a great brush applicator but no yummy smell or taste.

For more looks at these, check out the video!


Rebecca xxx