Wednesday, 27 January 2010

Glow Brow Bar

I was having such a lovely day today. I was out in town and going from beauty hall to beauty hall up and down Oxford Street. I was accosted by some Benefit girls and a Givenchy lady. I fell in love with Guerlain and I vowed to find out more and try loads of their products.
As I moved away from the Givenchy counter in House of Fraser having tried an application of their torture ball mascara (it’s not a torture mascara. I quite liked it. I just can’t remember the name of it) I found myself standing at the Glow Brow Bar with a seat opening up in front of me.
I’ve never had my brows threaded. I’ve wanted to try it for so long. Everyone always looks so gorgeous when they’ve had their brows threaded and I’ve heard that it’s painless, long lasting, blah blah blah.
I was thrown into the seat and it was violently reclined. I was then attacked with some thread whilst wincing from the pain. Not only did a piece of thread break across my face but I was repeatedly grunted at with orders to put my hands on my brows to provide the necessary tension.
To add insult to injury, at the end of the first brow I was abruptly asked what happened to my brows. What? What do you mean? I was shown a huge gap in my brow that was stopping the lady from being able to easily thread my brow into the usual shape, then shown how it was the same on the other brow! I don’t know what happened! I guess it’s a massive birth defect that I’ve had all my life!!!???
I was then asked to pay the £14 for the torture session and shown in the mirror how it looked like Elmo had drawn all over my face with red crayon before being sent on my way! Argh!
I tried to find refuge in the Starbucks next door but that was just a whole other traumatic experience. I’ll tell you about it later. Right now I need some sleep!!!
Avoid the Glow brow bar at all costs!!!
Rebecca xxx


B said...

Ouch! I'd cry, my eyebrows are my pride and joy. As you were in Oxford Street, I'm assuming you're near London..
If you're anywhere near Bluewater, I'd wait for them to grow back (perhaps by some Blink growing oil to help it go quicker) and then get them shaped by Browse.
It's a bit weird because it's in the middle of a shopping centre but they were really nice to me and it was my first threading time.
At one point I started crying (seriously, I was scared) but she was totally cool about it aha.

I've left it for a few months now and I'm definitely going back there
I think it was £15 but it was definitely worth it.
I promise it's worth the petrol :)

B said...

Sorry about the long comment but I'm passionate about eyebrows!

La said...

Wow, I'm amazed you could write after all that wine - am a bit tipsy myself! Hard core! Jealous of those lovely makeup beauties you bought. No7 FTW xx

Rhamnousia said...

That is a terrible experience!

Whoever told you that getting your brows threaded doesn't hurt is a liar. I've been threading mine for 10 years now and it still hurts, you just get used to the pain..

Also, I'd never ever go to a brow bar in a department store, the service there is nearly almost overcharged and crappy. I go to a salon where the lady charges me £2.50 a pop. I don't understand how these tiny concessions can charge £17.50 when they don't have nearly as many overheads. If you know any Indian girls, ask them where they get their threaded as I don't know of one Indian girl who gets her brows waxed..

It's true that they make you hold the brow so that they can get the shape right but it shouldn't be half as painful as you described it to be!