Monday, 4 January 2010

New Years Resolutions

I’ve decided that 2010 doesn’t properly kick in until I have a few things sorted out. That includes not having the chicken pox. (I will stop moaning about that soon, by the way. I’m a rubbish poorly person)
  1. I am going back to Slimming World and I am going to shift the three dress sizes I gained in 2009!
  2. I am going to find gainful employment. (My employment ended suddenly although in a friendly way on December 31st)
  3. I will have my house finally redecorated and up for sale by the end of February
  4. When I move somewhere new, it will not involve my current two hour commute into town
  5. My nails will be in better shape, along with my cuticles
  6. My eyebrows will be constantly groomed to perfection
  7. I will not look like a slob but will go back to constantly channelling La Hepburn for gorgeously effortless glamour and sophistication
  8. I will grow some form of vegetable that will mature to the point where it can be used in my own cooking!
  9. Baking cupcakes will count as therapy
  10. I will make flat shoes look gorgeous and wear them more often.
I need about a week or so to logistically sort this out but will make best efforts to get through all ten asap! I hope your 2010 resolutions are coming along. If they’re not, don’t sweat it, I’m certain January is for refining your resolutions and you’re not supposed to start them until February.
Rebecca xxx

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DINKY said...

I too need to work on number 7, although it will be more about *starting* than returning to looking glam.