Wednesday, 24 February 2010

All The Stress With None Of The Smell

I am having a very stressful week. And it’s onlySure_150ml_UK_IE_Pure Wednesday! I just can’t kick the jetlag from my trip back home to Australia and New Zealand, my decorator is giving me headaches beyond belief having done loads of stuff the wrong way and over charging me for it while I was away plus I’m on the job hunt! *Sips tea. Pretends it’s something stronger.*
With all of that I’m also hell bent on starting the year (the Chinese New Year, that is) by going all out on my resolutions. I’ve been sticking to my Slimming World menu and doing my Tracey Anderson workout dvd’s like a fiend.
Ordinarily this would be where I tell you I’m finding I need to take 500 showers a day and I’m spritzing fragrance like a bat out of hell. Ha! Not so! (I love it when I manage to be unpredictable!) The day I got home from Sydney I received some of the new Sure Natural Mineral deodorants to try. Yay yay yay! I’d had a demi-fail with the Garnier one that left my black top looking like my armpits needed a good dose of Head And Shoulders shampoo so I was looking forward to trying something else out.
I have been using these for almost a week now and it’s pretty safe to say that I’ll repurchase when these run out. (unless, of course, there is some new and marvellous deodorant on the market that promises to change my life) I haven’t smelt a bad smell once and I’ve not been soggy at all! Well, I get fairly soggy during my workout, but I didn’t pong so that’s ok! I even just had my decorator over for a face to face confrontation and a couple of less-than-friendly follow emails and I still feel cool as a cucumber! I do wish I had some Rescue Remedy on hand to calm my nerves but my personal hygiene is intact!
I’ve tried both the spray and the roll on formulas. I like to keep a roll on at my boyf’s house (just because I don’t have loads of room to keep things there) and I keep the spray at home for every day use. Both have held up equally well and neither have left a trace of a white mark on my black clothes so I’m thrilled. I highly recommend these! Did I mention that even the smell is quite nice? Well, it is!
Rebecca xxx

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