Friday, 20 August 2010

How Does This Still Happen?


I'm still not feeling up to being back here properly. I promise you'll be the first ones to know when I am. However, I saw this link on Twitter and I couldn't not share. Animal testing? Still? In this day and age? Please vote with your £££ and try to stay away from these companies. My mind boggles when I think of how they can justify animal testing when so many companies, large and small, have all moved over to more ethical methods of testing their products out.

So please check this list and let companies know that we just won't be bulldozed into a less ethical and generally gorgeous way of life.

Thanks so much. I promise I'll be back with regular posts as soon as I can muster up a little more cheeriness.

Rebecca xxx


Big Fashionista said...

I have printed off that list.

its shocking that so many people still test on animals!

Will be keeping my eyes firmly on that list in the future

x x x

welcome back, I've missed your blogs

La said...

I am supremely shocked and horrified. The length of that list is unbelievable. I can't believe the number of big names on it. The monkey made me want to cry.