Wednesday, 22 September 2010

NOTD - Eyeko Vampira Polish over Models Own Cherry Pie

I LOVE my Eyeko varnishes! Do I say that about all my varnishes? I think I might. Oh well, I only tend to post about the products I actually like. It's hard being negative about something and I was brought up that if I didn't have anything nice to say, then I shouldn't say anything at all.

I love the effect that this Vampira polish has but I'm not a fan of the glitter polish side effects. namely that of trying to get it off my nails!!! It's a NIGHTMARE! So, I layer them over the top of two coats of regular varnish. That's what I've done here with my Models Own Cherry Pie. I love the effect it gives as well. Eyeko glitter varnishes are very opaque so this is only a subtle difference but it does give it a little extra oomph. And I'm not going to have to soak my nails in varnish remover to get it off! Even better!

Rebecca xxx


lipstickmama said...

Hi Rebecca, this looks good, glitter without the hassle - I hate glitter polishes for the very reason that they are horrendous to remove. Like that the glitter coat is subtle but gives a depth to the base colour. Thanks for this. Jan

ModestyBrown said...

This looks nice. I hate getting glitter off too so this sounds like a great solution!
MB x