Monday, 4 October 2010

Photoshoot Time


A little while ago now I did a shoot with a photographer I hadn’t worked with before, Aubrey Fagon. There were two looks for the day and it was all a wee bit stressful when the model had transportation issues and was two hours late.

First up was to be a black and white look. When Aubrey sent me the pics he had decided to keep them in colour as he felt they looked stronger. This was the second time he’d tried this look out. The first time the makeup artist had left the shoot early after not getting along with the model and apparently her work wasn’t quite up to scratch.

Chenade_0034 The two looks for the day were quite different but with our schedule being so far behind I had to do a super quick change on the hair and makeup. A0002353 So there was a lot of mousse to slick back hair, Nars Body Glow to create a sheen on the skin and some Kryolan greasepaint in a shade of green over the original eye colour followed up with some green powder eyeshadows and MAC Brick-ola lipstick. The plan was to do some shots with the blue gel to really make the brick coloured lips come out.

I have a few more fun projects coming up. I’ll show you pics as soon as they come through. That is, if you like this kind of thing. Let me know.


Rebecca xxx


Big Fashionista said...

Ooooh definately want to see more of this sort of thing. Love it x x x

lipstickmama said...

I agree with BF (I'd be mad not to ;-)) I love posts with a "behind the scenes" info - it makes me feel that I am there. Thanks for this. Jan