Thursday, 14 October 2010

Tresemme Naturals

I've been trying out the new Tresemme Naturals products for a few weeks now. Wow, these bottles of shampoo and conditioner are good value for money! I need two hands to pick them up in the shower! They're too heavy otherwise! It's a whole £5.39 for 900ml!!! Bargain! It's totally perfect for a family bathroom. 
I've never tried Tresemme shampoo or conditioner before and I've got loads of friends that swear by it so I was looking forward to it. I've been alternating with my Lovea and A'kin shampoo and conditioner as although my hair is dehydrated all the time, it's also very fine and gets weighed down easily. I find this has been a great combination and I've had some really nice compliments on the condition of my hair despite the fact that I'm super overdue for a haircut!

The conditioner needs a really thorough rinse out otherwise it will end up leaving your hair a bit greasy. I've been told this is becaause of the nourishing avocado oil in it.

Why are these called Naturals? They have zero parabens, lower sulphates and it's silicone free. Perfect for lovers of a Brazilian Blowdry that don't want to spend a fortune on products after forking out on the treatment itself. A lot of people say that SLS in a shampoo makes their head itchy. I kind of feel like my scalp is a little more irritated using this product! maybe I'm over stimulating it with the intensive rinse I give it after the conditioner. I'm not sure. I don't really buy into the whole SLS debate to be honest. Not after seeing my ex's special medicated shampoo prescribed by his Dr for his sensitive skin. The first ingredient was SLS!

Meanwhile, I'm LOVING the mousse! It's so lightweight and really makes my hair look a lot more voluminous! I've come to need the hairspray on a daily basis as well. If I spray it lightly then work it through with my fingers a little and a light brush it gives a natural and long lasting hold to my hair all day. I like to pop a bit in at the roots when I have my hair down. On the days I do that my friends ask me what I've been doing to my hair as it's looking really good. Result!

Obviously these aren't completely natural. They've got a small amount of organic oils in them that make them more natural than the rest of the Tresemme range. However, more natural is better than less so I'd definitely recommend getting yourself down to a Superdrug near you to give it a try. My fave out of all four products? The mousse!

Rebecca xxx


Julie London said...

Hi! I just had a brazilian blow dry and I was wondering if I can use tresseme naturals with it! Are you sure it's OK?

Rebecca said...

Hi Julie,

Yes! I know someone who has them that has used the Naturals and they were fine with it. From what I understand you need your products to be silicone free. These are. They do have some SLS in them but it's a considerably lower amount than a lot of other comparable shampoos and conditioners have. I think you'll like these a lot!
R x