Friday, 5 November 2010

The Balm Two Timer

Ordinarily the words "two" and "timer" combined fill me with dread and unhappiness. In this case I'm pleased to report that it's quite the opposite!

When I mentioned on Twitter a little while ago that I had been unexpectedly flung back into the sphere of singledom some very very lovely PR peeps sent me a care package. They have noooo idea how touched I was and how much it really did cheer me up. Every time I use something out of that package it remindds me how many kind and lovely people are on Twitter and how people can reach out to those in need even if they've never met in person!

Well, this little tube has been a LIFE saver! I was a wee bit dubious as I've never been a fan of these kinds of products. I'm also not a fan of plastic mascara brushes preferring something more traditional. I've had this tube in my little bag of makeup I keep at work for when I get out of bed late and have to run for the train, touch ups before a meeting and that kind of thing. I want a Two Timer at home, in my handbag and generally everywhere I go.

I have FINALLY found a mascara that doesn't slide off my lashes and onto the rest of my face! Both brushes give definition and the mascara itself is lovely and black. My lashes don't feel terribly lengthened or volumised but the fact that it's black and it stays on my lashes is a massive plus for me! Even running back to the office in the rain at lunch time today hasn't seen it budge!

You can get The Balm products from QVC and lookfantastic.

Rebecca xxx

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lipstickmama said...

I remember *senior moment* can't think of her name famous MUA british, blonde hair, does not have a range of makeup out, but has endorsed various brands, anyway it will come back to me. She was asked to recommend a mascara and she said that with mascara it is a journey, what will work for one person may not work for another. I am delighted that you have found one that works- am with you on the plastic brush hate. Name = Mary Greenwell! Thanks for this. Jan x