Thursday, 4 November 2010

MAC Obviously Orange Eyeliner

It's amazing how you forget what you've got in a makeup kit! I find myself going for my tried, tested and reliable favourites time and time again. It means I forget the lesser used goodies I have. Whilst rifling through my kit to find some treasures I came across this orange eyeliner. It was so bright and colourful I was like a magpie and needed to use it immediately if not sooner.

In a similar way I was looking at a very unhappy palette with a bunch of shattered eyeshadows in it. Cobbled streets and I are not friends when it comes to my kit. So I decided to play with my ornage eyeliner and my green eyeshadows that I was trying to clean up.

Here is what happened next...

Rebecca xxx

1 comment:

lipstickmama said...

For such amazingly bright colours it is great that they come together in such a flattering way - great artiste of course ;-)
Thanks for this. Jan x