Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Things I’m Lusting After Right Now

Oooh, I hate it when my purse doesn’t stretch to let have the trinkets I adore or I’m waiting for something that looks amazing and it feels like it’s never going to get here! Both of these collections fall into both of those categories!!!

I adore Liberty. I used to be a VIP card holder there and would get invited to their champagne evenings! It was the most delightful card in my purse! I get such an amazing feeling when I go into Liberty. Partly because it’s a labyrinth that I can never manage to navigate. I either can’t find most of the store and leave early or I get completely lost and can’t find my way out. I much prefer the getting lost option!!! So, when I heard that Liberty and MAC were doing a collection together I was pretty excited! I, like so many people, have mixed feelings about MAC. Yes, I get bored of their constant limited edition collections. But this, like the Hello Kitty collection, has me really excited! I secretly love MAC. I also secretly really don’t like them. How does that work??? I hate that they’ve elbowed out so many fabulous brands but then again I rely on their products and prefer them to loads of newcomers! I find it frustrating and exhausting. I find myself just giving in and loving them. So I’m EXTRA loving the Liberty collection and really wish I could rush into the store on Thursday morning and snap up the whole lot!!! Weirdest of all, there isn’t a MAC counter in Liberty so this won’t be available there. My fave two things if I had to choose would be the beauty powders and the special scarf! So pretty…


I have the same feelings about Estee Lauder. Obviously both brands are part of the giant machine that is the Lauder Group. Being  a self employed freelancer I have to automatically despise all corporate machines but I can’t help finding myself wanting more and more of these brands! What is wrong with me??? Estee Lauder really seem to be coming out with some beautiful and brilliant goodies of late and I’m LOVING the look of the latest Bronze Goddess collection. The colours are so beautiful and vibrant! I think the liquid eyeshadows might be my fave thing from this particular collection. I love the look of cream products in spring and summer time and the colours look just stunning. It makes me want to don a fabulous bathing cotume, a head scarf and a pair of sky scraping wedges to strut around the beach in. Lets not speak of the fact that I’m tres pasty and pudgy right now after a long, cold winter! It’s all about the vision as opposed to the reality! I love the look of the nail varnish in this picture. It’s a metallic purple and will look amazing with the bright coral toned lip gloss! Ooooh, I really have to find a way to get my hands on all these pretty things!!!
What are you lusting after these days???
Rebecca xxx

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

A Little Treat from Vaseline

I loved the Vaseline Sheer Infusion body lotion so much and now you have a chance to try it out yourself without spending a penny!!!
Just click here for your free sample!

Amala Hydrate Skincare

IMG_0594 I was lucky enough to be sent some lovely goodies from the people at Content on Marylebone High Street. They have a gorgeous shop full of organic treats to delight you.
I decided to take my Amala Hydrate goodies with me skiing seeing as I knew my skin would be super thirsty after each day of being attacked on all fronts by wind, sun and snow.
I cleansed with my Hydrating Cream Cleanser morning and night. I expected to be the usual system where you put it on dry skin to melt away makeup, etc. It’s not. You do actually use it on damp skin! Novel! I felt like it left a little residue but if you used it with a face cloth you would be fine.
I didn’t take any toner with me as I had been forced to throw away some of my lovely liquids by airport security. What is WITH the obsession with liquids at Gatwick airport and why can’t they understand that I need MORE than just that tiny plastic bag with me? Nothing was over 100ml!!! There were just lots of them!!! Anyways, I did happen to have some sachets of Estee Lauder Idealist with me so I was using those for an extra hydration burst morning and night as well. More on those in another post.
Finally, I was using the Amala Hydrate Face Cream morning and night as well. My skin loved drinking up the jasmine infused concoction. It instantly looked and felt replenished. I loved the smell of putting it on. It instantly made me feel calm and happy and my skin started to look the same way. I heard a theory some time ago that if you like the smell of a product it’s more likely to work for you and that if you really breath in the fragrance then it will help you get even more of the product’s benefits. I’m more than happy to try that theory out with these products! Yum!
A couple of times over the course of my ski week I took time to soak in a lovely bubble bath. On both occasions I put on plenty of the Hydrating Yogurt Mask. You just put on a generous amount and let it “melt” into the skin for about ten minutes then wash off. Both times I did it were days I was convinced my face was going to be ravaged by wind burn. I was so wrong! I’m pretty sure the Yogurt Mask had something to do with it though. Between the Amala and the high factor sunscreen I was obsessing over all week, I think I’ve come back with skin that is even happier than when I left! It’s starting to get back the glow it lost while I was using the Meaningful Beauty products! Woohoo!!!
I was sent sample sizes of the products and they lasted me well over the week I was away. There are sample sized trial kits you can buy from Content so it may be a brilliant way to give this fantastic line a try. I hope you enjoy as much as I did!
Rebecca xxx

Monday, 29 March 2010

Skiing Sunscreen Saviour

I’ve returned from Meribel!!! It was super sunny out there and I didn’t get time to go get appropriate sun protection for my face. I’m so aware of how being on the slopes is unbelievably dangerous when it comes to sun damage. I also didn’t fancy putting regular sunscreen for the body on my face. Ewwww, greasy!!!
I was having a complete airport fail that included a five hour delay on our flight but managed to find my way to Boots to grab contact lens solution and sunscreen. It turns out the airport won’t let Boots carry my lens solution as it could potentially make bombs but they did have my fave new thing!
During my airport fail breakdown my boyfriend was on a search for face sunscreen to try and calm me down a little. He was the one that found the Soltan 50+. He trotted off, sorted it all out, literally picked me up off the floor where half my hand luggage had been scattered and took me off for a vino.
We put this on every morning before we hit the slopes and I topped up again at lunch times. I didn’t get any spots and I’m totally burn free! Other friends with us were using a different brand’s factor 40 and they still had shocking sunburn but I was totally damage free! I do have a couple of new freckles but nothing too noticeable. I’m also goggle/sunglass mark free!
Both of us did get irritated eyes when we didn’t take enough care to avoid them, but it’s a small price to pay! I can’t recommend this enough! Click on the pick and it will take you to the Boots website where you can stock up!
Rebecca xxx

Thursday, 25 March 2010

Meaningful Beauty – The Verdict

So I’ve been using the Meaningful Beauty range for the last few weeks now. The verdict? For the price point it’s pretty darned good.
I haven’t had any breakouts, adverse reactions or anything like that. On the whole it seems pretty gentle.
In saying that, I haven’t noticed any particularly amazing results either. It’s just kept things on the straight and narrow. I feel like my skin has been a bit duller since using it whereas when I was on the Nude skincare system my skin seemed super plump and really healthy.
I have had a compliment or two on how nice my skin is looking. I would definitely say that it’s worth trying these products out. For me, I think it was the cleanser that was my undoing. Having gone back to using my Liz Earle Hot Polish Cleanser for a few days my skin is already starting to feel a little nicer and get that pretty glow back.
Asking to be taken off their automatic replenishment list was really painless. I think it’s a great idea and will certainly recommend it to some of my makeup clients that are uber busy career type gals. They’ll never need to give their skin care a second thought with new products automatically being sent to them as they’re due to be replaced.
Have a look for yourself here.
Rebecca xxx

Wednesday, 17 March 2010

NOTD – Bourjois 28

I’ve had this varnish for a while. I really like it. It’s one of those Bourjois ones with the fat brush. They say it takes one second per nail. I say it takes slightly longer but I love it all the same.
This pic was taken having put some OPI Nail Envy on as a base followed by two coats of colour. I haven’t put a top coat on yet.
I know most people are all wearing pastel polishes at the moment. I just saw this in my polish bag and felt compelled to put it on. Is that something that ever happens to you???
Rebecca xxx

Monday, 15 March 2010

Things I’m Loving and Hating

love heart I was totally struggling on what to do for a post tonight having spent all day in the garden and being too grubby and red in the face for a FOTD.
Then I wanted to tell you all about a lipstick I’ve been dying for and finally got my hands on but turns out does nothing for me. But my camera flash is wrecking all the pics!
So now I’m going tell you all about what I’m loving and hating right at this moment in time.
  1. I’m not loving having ten more days of my Meaningful Beauty try out. don’t take this as a sign of how the results post will go but I’m just bored and want to play with other goodies in my bathroom already!
  2. I LOVE the sun being out!
  3. I don’t love the red patches of skin that seem to be remaining on my face after my run in with the chicken pox. what the???
  4. I’m loving L’Oreal hair mousse in the white tin brushed through my hair for when I want to do an up do with volume. Total staying power for my incredibly fine and flat hair!
  5. I don’t love having to figure out three outfits for a weekend to revolve around one pair of shoes. (I stay in London at the weekends)
  6. I love that I’m skiing next week!
  7. I don’t love that I’m still unemployed.
  8. I love all my twitter friends and can’t wait for the next wine night!!!!
Eight is supposed to be a really lucky number in Chinese culture so I’m going to leave it there in the hopes that it brings me some luck!!!
Rebecca xxx

Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Vaseline Sheer Infusion

I’m not great at the sleeping portion of my life. I will wake up several times a night and it’s really hard for me to get to sleep in the first place, it drives me bananas, to say the least. Quite a large part of this is due to the fact that I have such dry skin. It itches and gets so uncomfortable that I can’t even sleep. Especially around the backs of my arms and across my shoulders. ARGH!
Yes, I’ve tried all the high end, cult followed body lotions you can poke a stick at. I’ve tried all the body oils as well. It still doesn’t change that I have this dry, itchy skin that keeps me from sleeping and being generally happy.
Over the last week I have had quite a few nights now where i haven’t woken up once! I am loving it! And I’m putting it down to my new body lotion! I also love that it has made my body feel amazing silky!
It’s a new lotion from Vaseline that I was sent to try out and I would like to say that it’s life changing! It has this thingy called Stratys-3 technology. Meh? Long story short, it’s a special system that gets the moisture into all three layers of the skin and keeps it there.  Boy, oh, boy does this Stratys-3-hoosie-wotsie work! I’m adoring it! Even after a whole day out in the cold garden doing loads of hard labour I’m feeling all nice and soft and silky and pretty! Yay!
So for the low down: it’s a nice medium consistency. Not too runny and not thick or greasy. It sinks in quickly so you can quickly get dressed straight after putting it on in the morning. I really like the smell. It’s not offensive at all. The packaging is really nice. It’s not big and clunky like a lot of body lotions.
I am totally going to use this lotion over and over and over. It’s going to be difficult to get me to try another lotion out after this one! I’m completely hooked!

Friday, 5 March 2010

NOTD – Hollywood Gold

It was totally worth the wait. I’m in love. I also love that it arrived just in time for the Oscars on Sunday! I’ll be feeling all Hollywood Gold just like the gorgeous red carpet stars!
If you haven’t already got your mitts on this one then grab it while it lasts!!!
Rebecca xxx

Tuesday, 2 March 2010

NOTD – Giorgio Armani No 47

035 Everyone is raving about Greige nails at the moment post fashion weeks. I decided to go for the original, and in my mind, the best for today. This Armani polish came out with the Manta Ray collection for Autumn and I love it. In some lights it looks grey, others beige and sometimes it looks almost lilac. The perfect greige!
Rebecca xxx

Monday, 1 March 2010

The St David’s Hotel & Spa, Cardiff

I’m not going to lie, I was dreading the weekend. Thus far in my life I have avoided going to any Hen functions and that was the way I planned to keep it. But when one of my nearest and dearest friends asked me along to her Hen weekend I couldn’t say no. So I was dreading it. What made me not want to go even more was the fact that it was in Cardiff. When I think of Cardiff I conjure up all kinds of images relating to drunken football-style-sports lads running around causing general mayhem or students running around everywhere being generally student like. Neither of those things fill me with joy.
This is where I have to tell you that I couldn’t have been more wrong and here I sit on Monday ready to tell you what an amazing weekend I had and how I really want to go back and do it all again.
When the girls and I turned up we had just missed the French team by twenty minutes and it turns out we were actually staying in the rooms they had just vacated! Ooh la la! The six of us were booked in for a special Shopping Weekend package that included a lovely twin share room, vouchers to John Lewis, a cocktail each and return taxi trips between the hotel and the shopping centres! For £169 per room it certainly was a bargain! We dropped our bags off, collected our shopping vouchers and headed straight into town. I was so surprised by how great the shopping is in Cardiff! It’s so much more civilised than London with most of the same high street stores but none of the awful crowds! The St David’s Centre is a lovely shopping experience that I highly recommend.
On one of my disastrous journeys into London in the pouring rain last week my umbrella had broken so I used my vouchers to pick up this gorgeous number in John Lewis! If you click on the photo it will take you to where you can pick up your own! umbrella
The shopping trip was the last time we needed a taxi till we went back to the train station. (By the way, that taxi trip was only £6!) Our lovely dim sum style dinner and the bar we went to for drinks were all located within walking distance from the hotel! It was perfection! Being the girls we are, all six of us decided that a cheeky drink in a bar then going back to the hotel for tea and pink cupcakes in our pyjamas was a better option than dancing the night away till 4am.
I’m so glad we made that decision! Otherwise we would have missed the amazing breakfast buffet the hotel puts on! Yum! It was a brilliant way to start the morning! Then we spent from 11.30 till 2.30 loitering around in the spa! It was terrific. We had booked the Hen in for a full body massage but I hadn’t been organised enough to make any bookings ahead of time for myself. Unfortunately the spa was fully booked but I don’t feel like I missed out at all! The relaxation room has a bunch of massage chairs in there. I spent two half hour sessions in it and I had to be peeled away so I wouldn’t miss lunch and the train ride home! I LOVED the massage chair! It was even better the second time around after I’d been in the jet pool, the jacuzzi, the sauna, the pool and had a little rest at the juice bar! I honestly felt like a new woman when I sat down to lunch (which was amazingly delicious, by the way).
All in all, I had an amazing weekend and I feel like a prize idiot for thinking I was going to have such a rotten time! I can’t recommend The St David's Hotel & Spa enough! I’m so wanting to go back for a quiet weekend with my boyf after Easter! The hotel is architecturally very interesting and the service was beyond friendly. I really hope you make the trip and have as fabulous a time as I did.
Rebecca xxx