Friday, 30 April 2010

Tried and Tested – Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask

liz earle


I’m out at a birthday thing tonight and I really want to look glamorously pretty. I’ve automatically reached for my Liz Earle Deep Cleansing Mask and am sitting here in it as we speak.

I try to use this once a week or if I’m going out to a special event. It gets my skin so clean and clear. I feel truly radiant aftwerwards. It’s a clay based mask so it does dry to a hard texture. You just smear it all over your face avoiding your eyes and mouth, wait for about five to ten minutes then wash it off with the sponges that come with it.

I find taking masks off with sponges to be really effective. It makes a big difference to how clean my skin feels afterwards.

This is a product that is for oily to combination skin types. Sometimes my skin is really dry so I opt for a more moisturising mask. With the weather being a bit weird my skin is unsure what direction to go and it’s got a few oily patches. I’m pretty sure that once I take this mask off though that all those patches will be totally sorted!

Get yours here.



Thursday, 29 April 2010

What’s In Your Makeup Bag?

IMG_0677 This is the tipped out contents of the makeup bag I carry around with me. Obviously the colours will change when I change my look but these are the general contents that I will always carry around with me.
I’m not a great fan of touching my makeup during the day. I’d rather spend the extra time in the morning making sure it’s going to last all day. I just keep these on hand in case of emergency really. Plus, if I’m travelling around all day with my kit in tow or working on a counter all day, things sometimes slide. I feel like it’s really important as a makeup artist to always have my makeup in place and to look put together in general.
I’ve got a liquid concealer that is one of those ones that does a pretty good job on both blemishes and under eye circles. I’ve also got a mineral powder concealer that I put all over my face with a kabuki if I just want to generally freshen my base up. There is a matte bronzer to put some life into my skin and a pretty blush colour that goes with pretty much any look. A double ended brow treatment and colour that sets brows in place without shine, a reliable mascara and a super small lip gloss in a very neutral shade. For eyes I’ve got a liquid metallic shadow and whatever powder duo I’m using that day as well as a non budge black eyeliner and a smudge brush to soften it up.
With that, all my daily makeup bases are covered!!!
What do you keep in your everyday makeup bag?

Check out So Far So Chic's post on what's in her makeup bag here!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

DKNY Delicious Night

lg1_179_dknyset(wb)175x225 I’ve been playing around with some samples of DKNY’s Delicious Night fragrance and body lotion. It’s quite nice. I think I’ve mentioned before how fussy I am when it comes to fragrance. This probably isn’t something I’m going to purchase but I am surprised by how much I don’t hate it.

It’s a blend of purple freesia, iris and night blooming orchids. Do night blooming orchids smell different to regular orchids? I’m a little bit confused by that last one.

It’s definitely a fragrance that works better in the evening than during the day. That’s not to say you couldn’t wear it during the day. I just think it would be even better worn out for a lovely, romantic, dinner or something.

When you layer the fragrance and the lotion it has great longevity without being really over powering. It hasn’t even given me a headache yet!

If you fancy trying it out without spending too much you can actually it as a set with a 50ml EDP and a 100ml body lotion for just £37.19. I love fragrance sets like this. I get bored really quickly so these smaller sizes are perfect for me. You can get your DKNY Delicious Night Uncover the City Set here.



Monday, 26 April 2010

Vichy Liftactiv Retinol HA Eyes

lg1_186_liftactive175x225 I was sent a sample of this eye cream to try out and I pounced on it immediately!! It’s labelled on the box as a “Total Anti Wrinkle Renovating Care”. Woohoo! “Total” care! That’s what my poor, tired eyes need! It also says it has a filling action and an eye illuminator effect. Awesome!

With hyalauronic acid as one if it’s ingredients I had high hopes for this eye cream. I’m a big fan of hyalauronic acid. I’m not a fan of having to say it too much. Not the easiest word in the world! Unlike a lot of anti ageing treatments (I’m talking about you, Collagen!!!), HA is really easily absorbed by the skin so the anti ageing benefits are more effectively carried to the cells within the skin. Happy days!

After a little under a week my eyes are definitely looking a lot less haggard. I honestly didn’t hold out much hope for the “illuminating effect” on me. I have dark circles that defy 99% of under eye concealers and illuminators! In fact, to counteract the shadows for special occasions I blend some orange lipstick into my concealer and that will do the trick!

My crows feet don’t even show up when my face is relaxed! When I smile they’re still there but they’re so much less obvious! I’m beyond impressed. For £17.50 a tube it’s great value as well! I’d be so interested to see how this product would work on a long term basis!


Rebecca xxx

Friday, 23 April 2010

Ideal Skin with Estee Lauder!!!


(pic courtesy of Estee Lauder and links to the website)

I was sent some samples of Idealist to try out and review. I’m always a bit wary of Estee Lauder skincare after one of the counter girls tried a “gentle” cleanser on me one day and I was red and blotchy within minutes. Yikes! However, I put on my brave face and gave these a try.

I’m so glad I did! The Idealist is a serum style skin refinisher that really did leave my skin looking super smooth and flawless. I felt some of that lovely plumpness and glow come back to my skin that I’ve been trying to find since I stopped using Nude Skincare! I was putting a small amount on my skin morning and night after cleansing and toning and before putting on my eye cream and moisturiser.

I love this serum! I’m actually in the market for a new full sized one and this is certainly going on the shortlist! If you click on the pic above it will take you directly to the product on the Estee Lauder website so you can check it out for yourself.


Rebecca xxx

Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Laura Mercier Zen Palette

So I had a fab but super hard working day today! I was in the City House of Fraser store and I got to spend loads of the day playing with the Zen Palette! This is p-r-e-t-t-y!!! I really want one! It’s PERFECT for Spring and Summer! I LOVE the pale green shade called Willow. The coral coloured lip colour is actually something I think would make an amazing cheek colour and is just how I’d use it on myself. The plum cheek colour would also go on just about any skin tone.
Teamed up with the dark turquoise eyeliner this palette would totally see you through the season without needing any other purchases! For £40 it’s a steal! I highly recommend!
Rebecca xxx

Monday, 12 April 2010

Makeup Perfection

This is the latest image released from Nars for their Spring/Summer 2010 collection. I love it. It's sophisitcated perfection and I positively adore it! The lip colour is divine and it's a product I really want to pick up when it's released in the UK!

For me, timeless looks like this are the stuff dreams are made of. I'm also a long time fan of Francois Nars and all of his visions, products and creations. A Nars duo will often be my go-to makeup if I'm in a rush and need to pop something on to look as gorgeous as possible with minimum effort! It always works a treat!

Is this a look you'll try to re-create over Summer?


Rebecca xxx

Friday, 9 April 2010

Wedding Day and Every Day – Tried and Tested

Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturiser is one of those products that is so easy to recommend to anyone and everyone. It’s an item that has been in my “must have” list since my early twenties and is still there today. It keeps showing up on cult lists, expert recommendation lists and a-list celebrity “secret beauty tip” lists. There’s a reason for that. It’s great.
Without any fuss or frills it does what it says on the tin. (those are my favourite types of products) It moisturises and it does a darned good job of it! I like to use it in between the latest and greatest products I’m testing out or researching. Quite often those lovelies cause some ort of red ad blotchy reaction. But I can always count on this one! For personal use I keep the one with SPF in it. Even though I’m fully aware (and have been for many years) that lotions with built in sunscreen aren’t all that effective I like to use it just in case. However, in my kit I keep the one without SPF. For a photo shoot or on a special occasion such as your wedding where you’ll be having professional photos taken, the SPF will create a halo like effect where it’s been applied. Not really what you’re after!
For anyone wanting a straight talking, super effective moisturiser without all the bells and whistles, then this is the one. Simply click on the pic and it will speedily direct you to an online retailer!!!
Rebecca xxx

Thursday, 8 April 2010

OPI Nail Envy

OPI Original Nail Envy
When times are tough and my nails are starting look pretty unhappy this is the first thing I reach for. Nail Envy comes through for me every time. I’m having one of those days today. I’m not sure why but my nails were starting to look a bit scrappy. They were flaking and peeling and generally being unhappy. Yesterday I took all my nail varnish off, gave them most of the day to breath then put a coat on in the evening. I’ve put another coat on this morning and they’re already looking a lot happier.
I hate having unpolished nails. It’s my thing. No matter how hard things get I’ve always got painted nails. With nail envy I don’t feel as naked as I would if I just left them bare. It gives a pretty sheen without being glossy and evens them out so they still look groomed. I’ll keep my nails like this for about a week now putting a coat on every second day. By the end of the week my nails will be back in tip top condition and happy enough to colour again.
I also use Nail Envy as a base coat whenever I put polish on. I think they started looking scrappy this last week because I had used a different base coat and it just didn’t look after my nails in the same way.
Do you use Nail Envy? What other nail conditioners do you love?
Rebecca xxx

Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Far Out Brussel Sprout - Aussie Hair Care

I really love Aussie Hair Care.  I promise I'm not being biased! It's not because I'm an Aussie at all! In fact, for that reason I was probably a lot more sceptical about it than the average person! I really didn't want to like it but I do! I use the Aussie Miracle Moist shampoo and conditioner. Even though I don't colour my hair or use loads of heat on it, but it does have a tendency to dry out. This keeps it all pretty and shiny. Most of all, I love the smell! It's so yummy!!!! It's full of macadamia oils that smell great and leave your hair in terrific condition.

As far as cheapie shampoo and conditioner goes this is the one for me. I even use the leave in conditioner spray from time to time. This is generally a no-go area for me seeing as I have such fine, flat hair but a fine mist won't drag it down or leave it too greasy. To be honest, it's something I rarely do during the day and tend to leave on overnight.

No matter what you're looking for to treat your hair, Aussie will probably have a solution for you. They do shampoo and conditioner for all different types of hair from frizzy to lusciously long. Then there is the brilliant selection of styling products as well. Definately check it out at your local Boots or Superdrug!


Rebecca xxx

Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Wedding Day Makeup - Foundation

As a makeup artist I keep a few different kinds of foundations in my kit all the time. I have to say, my personal preference is generally for a cream foundation. I love the look it gives to the skin. A girl's complexion will instantly look like it's creamy (der! it's a cream foundation!) with depth and just the right amount of glow to it. It perfects the skin whilst not looking too cakey and gives the appearance of abundant health.

I also think that cream foundations are easy to apply to pretty much everyone. From a teen to a great grandma. They just work. Then there are all the different ways you can apply a cream foundation. It all depends on the coverage you'd like and your personal preferences. You can use a sponge (the damper it is the more you can sheer out the coverage), a regular foundation brush, a duo fibre stippling brush, you can buff it in with a big, dense fluffy brush and you can even use your fingers.

Whilst it's not technically a cream foundation, I find the one I reach for most is the Bobbi Brown Stick Foundation. Along with the Cream Concealers this combo creates a flawless look really quickly and without too much effort on my part. It helps that I keep the pro palette in my kit with all of their shades but I get so many comments and compliments when I use this on a bridal party. I've noticed that when I stray away and try out some different liquid foundations that people either recommend or request I just don't get the same depth from the photos and it doesn't ever seem to wear as well. I'm just not as happy as when I don't use my Bobbi Brown palette.

I can't recommend the Bobbi Brown foundations and concealers enough. The number of people I've managed to get hooked on these speaks for itself! Go check it out!!!

Do you have a favourite foundation you always end up reaching for???


Rebecca xxx