Wednesday, 19 October 2011

My New Favourite Things. They're All Illamasqua.

I was sent some lovely pieces from Illamasqua and they've become pieces I can't go to a job without.

Androgen and Depravity are cream pigments from the new collection and the colours suit, literally, everybody. From the palest of the pale to super dark skins. I use it on everyone! Eyes, cheeks and lips! A little goes a long way and they blend like a dream.



They look amazing layered underneath Berber pure pigment. Again, I use this on every skin tone and it looks fab mixed as a lip gloss!

Another combination I can't get enough of is Mould cream pigment layered under Ore pure pigment. In fact, Ore over just about anything makes a gorgeous combination.



I seem to be approaching my makeup from the same angle as my wardrobe at this time of year. Lots of layers!

Definitely check out Illamasqua for some truly stunning pieces to add to your makeup collection.

Rebecca xxx

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Strawberry Blonde said...

Ohhh pretty!! Adore the look of Androgen & Ore.
Nic x

Claire The Beauty Scoop said...

I have mould but love the idea of having Ore over it! x

Rebecca said...

I haven't tried Androgen under Ore yet. It's only a matter of time, though!

Yes, Ore over EVERYTHING is gorgeous!!!