Tuesday, 25 October 2011

Pukka Ayurveda Skincare – Some More Bits


Last weekend I broke out the Pukka again. I had one model in particular that had a lot of skin sensitivities so I felt confident in using these products on him. They certainly didn’t let me down!

I saw the initial shots of him on the monitor and was dismayed. What was glowing and lovely in the flesh was coming up on the screen with what I’ve now termed “The Cullen Effect”. The lighting was taking all the colour out of the models, creating bags under the eyes where there were none and everyone’s skin looked dehydrated and older.

Right away I used the Nourishing Brightener for a gentle exfoliation. After that I decided to ditch the usual moisturisers and lotions. I used the Radiance Serum mixed with a little Firming Face Oil. It made a WORLD of difference when the next set of shots were taken! Everyone looked years younger, revitalised and perfected. Yayyyyy!!!

The Radiance Serum is packed with aloe vera, manuka honey and lemon balm. It smells and feels amazing on the skin. a 50ml tube is £32.

The Firming Face Oil is made up of rosehip, starflower and neroli. It smells a-mazing. It instantly puts you in a more relaxed, happy mood. At the end of the three days I gave all the models a lovely facial massage with it to rejuvenate their complexion. The 30ml bottle is £38.

They all loved it and trotted off to their nearest Wholefoods store to try find some for themselves. I love it when people like the products so much that they want to buy it for themselves!


Rebecca xxx

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