Monday, 10 October 2011

Super Salad


For those of you that don’t know me, I’m notoriously undomesticated. Cooking really isn’t my thing. Lately I’ve had to face up to the fact that crisps does not constitute a nutritionally balanced meal. For that reason, this little gem has become my saviour.

I make a big bowl of it every couple of days and either snack on it as it is, put it in a wrap, include it as a side dish for dinner. Best of all, it’s super easy to make. Even someone as useless as I am in the kitchen could whip this up. It’s great for those of that are time starved but still want to eat something vaguely nutritious.

So what’s in it? A green capsicum (or pepper for the Brits), two salad tomatoes and a small red onion. Finely chop it all, add a little salt and pepper, enjoy. Every now and then if I feel really adventurous, I heat some sesame oil in a frying pan, add pumpkin seeds and sprinkle soy sauce over them while they heat up. Once they’ve cooled down, they mage a great addition to this yummy dish. You can also add feta for a Greek spin on it.

Nom nom nom!


Rebecca xxx

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