Thursday, 6 October 2011

Treasure Yourself

treasure yourself

This was such a lovely birthday present from my Mum! In fact, I’m going to make a sweeping statement and say that all girls should read this book. It’s a little treasure in itself. Covered in beautiful fabric with designs of pretty flowers and butterflies all over it.

It’s a book by Miranda Kerr, the Aussie supermodel. She’s not just a model, she’s quite a force of nature. She’s published a book, released an organic skin care range, the face of high profile campaigns including being a Victoria’s Secret Angel, a wife and a mother all before she’s 30! Yikes! You have to wonder how one girl can fit it all in.

This book is a little insight into that. It’s all about being gentle to yourself, to other people and being the best you can be. My favourite part of the book is where she describes us all as butterflies. The challenges we come up against in life are like when a butterfly emerges from a cocoon. That struggle is what makes the butterfly’s wings nice and and strong so it can fly around. I love that idea. I also love butterflies. In fact, quite a few of my friends call me The Butterfly. One of my favourite songs is Magic Fairy butterfly by The Lovegods. The song has a similar theme to it.

Treasure Yourself is split into two parts. The first talks about Miranda’s own life and the way the power of positive thinking has helped her get over a lot of the challenges she’s faced in her life thus far. The second half is full of really lovely affirmations that she has garnered from great people and her own spin on them. It’s a book that isn’t too difficult to read and that leaves you feeling revitalised and ready to take on the world. It’s not always easy being a girl in this day and age. The world can be a very noisy, harsh place to be. This book is all about tuning out all the chaos and finding some inner peace so you can keep going forward and being a beacon of happiness. Definitely worth picking up a copy here at Amazon.

Here is a picture of a butterfly I followed around for AGES on a beach in Morocco. It was totally worth it to get a close look at its gorgeous wings!



Rebecca xxx

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