Wednesday, 30 November 2011



I’m a long time fan of Darphin. I’m surprised I’ve never talked about it on this blog before. There were many years before I left Australia where I solely used Darphin products. I was recently given some samples and I remembered how much I loved it.

Darphin is based on botanical ingredients whilst having a luxurious, French feel to it at the same time. The reason I love it so much i because it really does work. If you get the right products you’ll find yourself with a stunning complexion. The key here is to select the right things for you. Your skin will always be changing and you need to make sure you’re updating your products along with it. If you keep using the same cleanser and toner from when your skin was behaving at one time, it will actually be detrimental. I’ve experienced it first hand! Not pretty! These products are pretty potent – in a good way.

My favourite of all the products is the Jasmine Aromatic Care oil. One of the days I spent with a Darphin expert many years ago gave me one of my best ever skin care tips. It was explained to me that your sense of smell is very important to your skin care routine. Apparently the things that we like the smell of are the things that we should be using on our skin! If we like the smell then our skin will like it as well! I LOVE that theory! I LOVE the smell of jasmine and jasmine based products seem to work really well on my skin. Yay! The Aromatic Oils actually get right into your blood stream so carry vital nutrients directly to the deepest layers of your skin. The jasmine oil is tagged as an anti ageing oil. I have extremely dry skin so it works really well for me.

I also love the Hydraskin Serum. Again, it’s something I initially picked up because I like the smell. However, it’s a brilliant hrydration delivery system for those of us that find it hard to keep moisture in our skin. Especially at this time of year! The serum is great because it gets to a deeper level than a moisturiser can and replenishes the glow that we all want our skin to have.

You can find a great selection of Darphin products at Space NK.


Rebecca xxx


Georgia: On My Mind said...

I love Darphin - their Intral range has been invaluable for my skin xx

Rebecca said...

Ooh, the Intral products are terrific!!!! It's one of those brands that really covers every possible skin dilemma. I want to try the cleansing balm next. X