Thursday, 10 November 2011

Lush Snow Fairy Magic Wand

lush bag

I have a weakness. Lush’s Christmas goodies get me every year! I can’t help myself. It all starts with me needing a big bottle of Snow Fairy shower gel. I mean, who wouldn’t want to smell like fairy floss? It’s the best fragrance ever!

Can you imagine how much I struggled against making this purchase?

magic wand

It’s a Snow Fairy flavoured Magic Wand!!!!! Eeeeee!!!!! It even has a BELL!!!! How could I NOT purchase it? I’m trying to stop myself from ordering a bulk box. After my super pummel massage earlier in the day I needed a hot bath when I got home. I thought I’d “pop in” just to get my annual bottle of Snow Fairy and something bubbly for the bath.

Instead, I got the Magic Wand. You stir it into the bath and stop once you reach the desired level of milkiness. It’s not a bubble bath like one of the usual Bubble Bars. It’s going to last for ages! The wand is totally reusable. I’m not sure how most people would store it, though. I have a pot full of pebbles in my bathroom that I use to burn my incense sticks. That’s where I’ve propped up my Magic Wand while I’m not using it.

Clearly I was happier than a five year old at Disneyland whilst kicking back in my pink, fairy floss flavoured tub. Best bath ever!!!!!


Rebecca xxx

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