Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Naturtint: Colouring Your Hair The Natural Way


I’ve coloured my hair since I was 15. That’s a very, very long time. I’m not even converting it into dog years. Trust me, it’s a LONG time! It’s when I think about that and the toll processing takes on hair that I make decisions like only using semi permanent colours on my hair. I haven’t put a permanent colour in my hair for over five years. So when I was given the opportunity to try a natural version of my usual colour I jumped at it. I love the idea of being super gentle to my hair and to the planet.

When my kit arrived I opened it up and liked that these were less tubes and bottles than usual. I didn’t need to add a tube of colour to an activator or anything like that. I just had to attach a tip to the tube and I was ready to go. Brilliant!


Inside there is a shampoo, conditioning treatment, gloves, instructions, the tube of colour and the tip. There was also a link to the website where they have instructional videos on the best way to apply the colour. That was eye opening! I thought there was no way I’d be co-ordinated enough to pull that off. The technique was a lot easier than I thought and it certainly made a difference. If only there was a technique to not get colour all over the arms of your glasses and how to manage colouring by brail.

Anyhoo, I got the colour on and let it do its thing. This colour takes a lot longer than regular colours to process. I had to leave it for half an hour. I managed to do a bunch of bits and pieces, put on a face mask and all that stuff. Usually I need to spend processing time clearing up smudges on the wall, scrubbing my face, ears and neck of colour. This was really tidy! I did notice that colour kept coming out of the tip after I’d stopped squeezing. That was a bit annoying. It also doesn’t smell icky! Yay!

Washing it out was really easy and the sachets were really nice. I needed to give it two shampoos before I felt like I was happy to put the conditioner on. When I styled it I noticed that my hair definitely looked shinier. I usually colour my hair a blue based black. I have really strong red tones that like to make themselves known and I need the blue to get it really really black the way I like it. Naturtint only offers one shade of black and it doesn’t have those blue tones to it. With that in mind, my hair didn’t turn out as black as normal. No one else has noticed but I feel like it’s a super dark brown rather than inky black. It’s not a big deal, I’m still pleased with the result. I’ve actually been thinking about going dark brown instead of black lately.

I’d definitely try this colouring system again. You can get yours here for £9.99.


Rebecca xxx

PS, I was given my Naturtint kit free for review purposes. x

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