Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Sedu Revolution 1 Flat Iron

Holy Moses! These are the best hair straighteners I have ever used in my life!!! They're seriously amazing!

Sedu certainly isn't a brand that's really been on my radar but after using these they're front and centre now! The smoothest glide I've ever had from a flat iron, super hot and generally amazing. I straightened a thick, waist long head of hair amazingly quickly today. The results were astounding and the hair looked so shiny and healthy! You would never have known it was naturally curly! With my regular straighteners I would usually have to go over the head twice to get such poker straight results. I also hadn't had time to give it a nice blow dry first. I went straight in with the flat irons.

The plates are completely ceramic rather than just ceramic coated like most irons. I think that's what gives it the amazing glide. It was like a dream!

What else can I tell you about them? They heat up to 230C in 25 seconds, they have a 9ft cord, adjustable heat settings and they're generally the best iron I've ever tried. I really want to try the rest of their appliances now!

You can get yours from Space NK for £130. A little more than a lot of straighteners out there but well worth the extra £30.

Rebecca xxx

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