Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Hair Colouring

I've been dying my hair darker for years now. I think it might be a light to mid brown if I let it do it's own thing. I'm not entirely certain about that anymore as it's been a while. I've spent many years as all different shades of blonde and red and they're really fun but way too much maintenance. Since moving to the UK the condition of my hair has taken a beating so I don't feel good about bleaching it anymore either.

Most of you probably recognise my hair colour as something along these lines...

I've been dying it various shades of dark brown for some time now. I only use semi permanent colours as I don't want to deal with the maintenance and damage of a permanent colour. I like being able to do it at home as well. It means I can squeeze it in any time of day or night when I have the time and it's fiduciarially a lot gentler on my delicate bank balance.

It's almost become a bit of an addiction lately. Over the last six months I've been going darker and darker. It's finally at the stage where my need to go darker means I've graduated onto the black dye. I've been looking forward to it for a while now and finally took the time out on Saturday.

It came out black but, frankly, not black enough. I want it to look like it's a black abyss that you could jump right into and never come out of. This shade of black was just a bit too... Meh. So despite the mess and annoyingness of the whole job I did it again on Monday.

Please excuse how tired I look. I wasn't really wearing makeup apart from mascara and lip gloss and was still recovering from a very big Saturday night dance-fest. The colour is certainly an improvement on the previous effort. It's starting to take on that lovely, deep black tone. I'm still not happy, though. I want it blacker.

Do you have the same struggles getting the perfect colour?


Rebecca xxx

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Wednesday, 25 May 2011


glossy box

I actually squealed a little bit like a girl when the Postie shoved this box at me through my porch door last week. The excitement around GlossyBox sending out its first set of packages has been pretty full on! It took a lot of self restraint to take photos of each unwrapping stage rather than just tear it all open and coat myself in the contents.

pink glossybox

Whilst the ethical, planet conscious part of me was wagging my finger at all the packaging, the girl in me was loving the Babushka Doll style fun in getting through each luscious layer.

wrapped glossybox

GlossyBox isn’t a brand new concept but it is new to the UK and it’s BRILLIANT! For £10 per month you get a true taste of luxe sent directly to your door. Every part of this service delicately whispers good taste and luxury.

inside glossybox

Each month you’ll receive five high end miniatures to try out and fall in love with. You don’t need to beg counter assistants for what meagre sample sachets they have to hand on the day or throw wads of money at products that you want to try but aren’t really sure about. These miniatures are the deluxe size so you’re going to get a really good go and a decent test run out of them before you make a final investment decision.

In saying that, the first box had two full sized products included!!! Really nice ones too! A full sized Nars Orgasm Illuminator and an All For Eve Eve Red lipstick. I’m a lucky lady and was already given a tube of the lipstick before they launched. Being a diligent girl I put it in my kit once I realised how lovely it was. I’m pretty pleased to have one for myself now! I’m also thrilled to have the Orgasm illuminator! I’ve been DYING to try it!!!

The other three items in this month’s box were a Bionova Lab Bioactive Cleanser, Alterna Caviar Anti-Aging Rapid Repair hairspray and a Como Shambala Invigorate Body Lotion. Watch this space for reviews on all the items included.

The other part of this service that I’ve discovered I love is that if you’re sent a product that you already own and adore, you’re now going to have a great purse or travel sized version as well. If you’re anything like me, then you’re always trying to decant things or make them more purse friendly. It’s a nightmare and I’m always trying to get my hands on deluxe sized samples for that purpose.

I’ve seen that the June boxes have already sold out. Drats! I really wish I’d been more organised and subscribed already! I’ll have to get in early for the June boxes! You can subscribe to the service here. The website includes an online magazine, a blog and places for everyone to leave their feedback on the products and service. Fun!


Rebecca xxx

PS, The truly lovely people at GlossyBox sent me this box free of charge so I could experience the wonders of the service for review. This hasn’t changed my review at all and I can’t wait to sign up for the regular service! x

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Tresemme 24 Hour Body Sky High Plumping Powder

Tresemme 24 Hour Body Sky High Plumping Powder

While most people were thinking about getting the papers and what kind of fry up to have, I was up early on Sunday to work on a music video shoot. It’s ages since I’ve worked on anything film based and I had a blast! I didn’t know too much about the brief before I turned up but knew that I would be looking after the band members and some belly dancers. The band mostly have very short hair so I was pretty ok on that front but I didn’t know what kind of hair the dancers had or what I was to create for them. Being the only artist on set I knew I needed quick and reliable products and so this little guy got thrown straight into my bag.

I was soooo right! There were three dancers in all and our schedule was super tight. As is always the case on a tight time frame the look was big hair with curls and body with bordello style smoky eyes and a dark red lip. Oi vei! (I said that a lot on the day) The Plumping Powder was a complete treasure! I just didn’t have the time to be spending ages on creating lift and hold so after throwing in a few curls with some ghd’s I got the girls to flip their head over, rubbed Plumping Powder through the roots and then got them to flip back over again. I did a little quick back combing around the crown and then threw some kirby grips in to create the soft look and keep the hair off their faces while they danced. To finish I sprayed everything into place with Tresemme Naturals spray. The greatest thing about the plumping powder was that it gives hair that stickiness to hold the grips in place perfectly all day. Even though they all had fine hair no amount of shimmying, shaking or backwards bending caused a hair to fall out of place. With so much to do in order to keep the makeup in place in a hot studio it was great not to have to worry about the hair as well.

This one is definitely a keeper for my kit now!

You can get yours’ from here for £5.50. Bargain!


Rebecca xxx

Monday, 23 May 2011

NOTD–Eyeko Indigo Polish

notd indigo polish
You’ve seen the Barbara Daly for Tesco polish I’ve got on as my main colour before. It’s called Purplicious and is a bargain for £1! I’ve done one nail on each hand with Eyeko Indigo Polish just to make it a little more interesting. It’s a really cute iridescent navy. It’s a bit more subtle than a full on glitter and MUCH easier to get off when you’re ready to change your colour!
Rebecca xxx

Thursday, 19 May 2011

Eyelash Masterclass With Ardell and Lou Page

Ardell Lou Page masterclass

I think I might have mentioned on this blog more than once (a lot) that I really love using Ardell lashes. I like the natural finish they give even on the most dramatic lash. I also love the thin bands on them that mean you can really camouflage the join. I recently attended a wonderful event that Ardell was holding. I got to meet celebrity makeup artist Lou Page and some of her team. I can’t tell you how lovely they were! We practically had to be thrown out the suite we were talking so much! It’s clear that Lou and all of her team are incredibly passionate about makeup and their work.

Ardell had invited Lou Page along to give us a masterclass on applying lashes and to get her top tips. I love using lashes in my work but I have to admit that they can be pretty tricky to put on myself when I do want to glam it up a bit more than usual!

I thought I’d share Lou’s top tips for you…


Before you do anything measure the lashes against your eye and trim to fit.


Give the lashes a little bend gently with your fingers-the idea is that by moulding them you make them more pliable and easier to put on.


Use a tooth pick to apply to glue so as not to load the lashes up too much-just a fine line along the strip is all you need.


The crucial part...wait 10-30 seconds for the glue to go tacky. This will make them stick instantly rather than slipping up your eyelid.

5.Look Up

Yes up-not down, by looking up into a mirror you’re more likely to get as close to your natural lash line as physically possible.


Press the lashes down from the outer corner inwards-this will ensure a better fit.


Apply your make-up following lash application to blend everything in.

If you haven’t already tried Ardell lashes you really must. I like to get mine at Boots with my Boots Advantage Card so I’m racking up extra points to spend on more stuff. You can order them online here.

In other news, Lou Page has started an academy! Lou has worked on loads of celebrities and has even headed up the team for The Brits for the last three years. If you think you’d like to learn how to do makeup from someone that fab, then you just need to have a look around here.


Rebecca xxx

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

NOTD–Barry M Navy

notd barrym navy eyeko cosmic nail
I’ve had this varnish for ages. I think I’ve even NOTD’d it before. I love it all the same and that love hasn’t faded with time at all. Today I’ve changed it up a little by adding in a glitter nail. I made this one by mixing some Eyeko Cosmic Nail with some of their Disco Polish. It turned out EXACTLY how I had envisioned! I love when that happens! Yay!
Rebecca xxx

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

NOTD–Filthy Gorgeous Tipsy

filthy gorgeous tipsy

How CUTE is this colour? I’m loving it! And it looks great with my Eyeko Disco Polish.

Sorry about the ratty nails. Not only have I been doing loads of garden work but when I took the pic I had just been painting a mask in the garden. Tres messy.

You can get your Tipsy here.


Rebecca xxx

Monday, 9 May 2011


I love lashes. I thought I’d show you some of my favourites.


Rebecca xxx






Thursday, 5 May 2011

Stila Tinted Moisturiser – An Old Favourite Rediscovered


I forgot how much I loved this product! I used to wear it loads way back in the day when I was still in my twenties and living in Australia. I recently received a deluxe sized sample and thought I’d give it another try. Ooh la la! It’s so fun to see my skin again! I feel like it gives me just the right amount of coverage to even out my skin tone but still have it look like my skin. If I have any blemishes I just pop a little concealer on over it and everyone is happy!

I know that this product isn’t for everyone. If your skin leans towards the oilier side I’d recommend looking at the Laura Mercier tinted moisturisers. If I’m feeling a little shiny I put a little MAC Mineralised Skin Finish Natural over it and it’s perfection.

As far as lasting power goes, I’ve been pleased. It’s even better if you set it with a little powder. Being a tinted moisturiser, you can warm your skin tone up a little with it as well so you look like you’ve caught some sun without exposing yourself to any actual damage.

Stila isn’t the easiest brand to find in the UK anymore. You can get it online here at lookfantastic.com.


Rebecca xxx

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

I’ve Been Unfaithful


I’ve been wanting to write this piece on cheeks for ages. It’s a subject I’m a little bit passionate about. When Amrita and I talked about me doing a guest post for her this was the subject that immediately sprang to mind.

It’s a fab blog, go over and check it out.

6 Inch Stilettos


Rebecca xxx

Monday, 2 May 2011

RapidLash–8 Weeks Later


I have finally completed my eight weeks of using RapidLash! The premise here is that I’m supposed to run a line of product close to the upper and lower lash line at night and my lashes are supposed to look substantially longer, thicker and darker. I’m one of the last bloggers on the planet to give one of these a try and I’ve heard very mixed reviews about this and similar products.

So this is where we started…

Without Mascara

With Mascara

Now, I have to admit that I wasn’t completely brilliant with making sure I put it on every single night. There were nights here and there where I fell into bed sans RapidLash. I also discovered that if I kept my eyes open for any length of time after putting it on it would sting them a little. I would certainly recommend this be the very last thing you do before you turn the light off for the night. Other than that, I haven’t noticed any negative side effects at all.

I’m guessing you want to see the final photos.

Without Mascara

rapidlash 8 weeks mascara on

These photos are with and without mascara from left to right respectively. It can’t be denied that my lashes are certainly darker. They’ve always had very blonde tips and they’ve been getting progressively blonder. I believe they’re thicker as well. That’s been one of the biggest differences I’ve noticed, actually. They fall out a lot less and I’m guessing that’s why they seem fuller.

I also suspect that the longevity of the lash life also contributes to its new lengths. They definitely appear a lot longer. It’s been great. In my twenties it was frequently commented on how long my lashes were. They were something I used to be really proud of. I’ve noticed over the last few years that they’ve become a lot more sparse and short. With my thirties speeding by it’s been great to recapture some of my youth! It’s definitely put a spring back into my step!

Would I buy this product with my hard earned money? I’d love to! It’s £39.99 a tube from Boots. Ouch. If you have £40 spare then it’s worth every penny. I’m going to scrape my pennies and Advantage Card points together to get myself another tube asap! I’m addicted to having these lovely lashes! I think it’s a much more economical and healthy option to lash extensions.


Rebecca xxx

PS, I was given my tube of RapidLash free of charge for review purposes. Amazing! Less amazing now I’m truly addicted to it and need a new tube!