Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Colourworks Giveaway Winner

The lucky winner was chose at random and it was Jade xo! I've emailed you to get your delivery details. Congratulations!!!

Watch this space as I'm doing another giveaway soon. It's not going to be next week but it is very soon.

Thanks so so much to everyone that entered!


Rebecca xxx

Friday, 26 August 2011

Brocato Swell Volume

I don’t know anyone that has well behaved, normal hair that they can wash and go and have a happy day. Not many people fall into the Normal/Dry/Fine/Coloured boxes that most hair ranges define us by. For instance, I have very fine hair that’s easily dehydrated and prone to breakage and has a soft curl to it. I want volume but I need intense moisturisation that won’t weight it down.

The Brocato line of products really appeals to me because it’s completely synergistic. it was designed so that you could create a perfect programme for yourself and all the products link together and can be mixed and matched as you need.

I’ve been using the Swell Volume Full Body Serum and the Swell Volume Leave-In Volumising Conditioner. What I love about these two in particular is that they Volumise and Moisturise at the same time. I’ve tried a couple different ways of using these and I’m definitely loving them. I shampoo and condition as normal and while my hair is still damp I work some of the Full Body Serum through my hair and spritz it with the Leave-In Volumising Conditioner. I’ve always been scared of leave-in conditioners as they weight my fine hair down. In fact, most smoothing/conditioning products do!

The first time I tried this combo I let me hair dry naturally. It was so sleek and shiny! My natural curls turned into really pretty waves and the over all effect was really lovely! The next time I used it I added in some root lift spray and blow dried my hair smooth. It did take the sleek, shiny appearance off a little but the fullness was definitely there and it was still soft to touch.

By no means does the volume from these products reach my usual Bushy hair heights. It gives my hair a naturally full appearance. The kind of real life hair I always dream of. I don’t feel the need to throw loads of products in it or zush it up on a daily basis.

fotd tuesday

This is the kind of look I get if I just blow dry it smooth without trying too much to get super big hair. Can’t really complain about that!

Check it out at Headway Hair. These aren’t as budget friendly as something from Superdrug but not nearly as expensive as some salon products. They’re a happy medium price with salon results. I like that kind of combo!


Rebecca xxx

PS, I was given these products free of charge for review purposes. x

Thursday, 25 August 2011

Susan Posnick ColourForever

susan posnick

This is my new favourite thing. I can’t wait to try it out on some models! When I first got the product out of the tube I thought it was a cheek stain. Turns out it’s meant for lips but I can’t stop thinking of it as a cheek stain first and a lip stain second.


susan posnick swatch

The colour in the picture above is Janis. In the swatch image it’s the stain on the left. The top of the tube has a sheer gloss in it that smells of tropical juice! It’s so yummy! The swatch for Tina hasn’t shown the metallic tone to it. It’s not glittery but more of a subtle shimmer. I really want to use it on a darker skin tone.

Unfortunately I don’t have my favourite two colours to show you. Rod and Stevie. Stevie has to be my favourite stain colour of all time. I love love love it and I have to find a way to acquire it!

All of Susan Posnick’s products are beautiful. They’re mineral products that look after your skin while you wear them. The colours are lovely and the packaging is thoughtful, stylish and could stand up to the most brutal handbag! Check them out at Skin Brands.


Rebecca xxx

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

ColourWorks Christmas Eyeshadow Palette and Giveaway

Superdrug has some really great stuff coming out for Christmas and this is another treat that I wanted to share with you. For the bargain basement price of £7.99 you get 18 shades of rather nice eyeshadow. They're all either a satin or frosted metallic finish which makes them easy to apply and blend. The mix of neutrals and wearable brights also makes this an incredibly versatile palette. The only extras you would really need might be a skin toned matte and a good black shadow and you'd be set for all occasions with this. I think my favourite is the dark puce in the bottom right corner. It's lovely.

Seeing as it's my birthday today I thought I'd give one of these palettes away. All you need to do is be a member via Google Friend Connect and to leave a comment with your email address saying that you'd like to be entered. I'll be back next Tuesday to announce the winner.

Rebecca xxx

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Friday, 19 August 2011

Things In My Kit

You might not expect this, but there are two items I always keep in my kit.

This hand held fan a friend gave me comes in sooo handy! If it's hot in a tent it's great to give your model so they can keep cool. It's also great for under studio lights when you're on set.

Then there are the treats! By the end of a long day everyone is usually flagging. Whipping these out perks everyone up, gives us the energy for the final push to finish up and they taste yummy!!!

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Thursday, 18 August 2011

Sanctuary Sleep Christmas Gift Box

This will make a lovely gift. It comes with a bath milk, smoothing silk scrub, hydrating oil and a body lotion. The blend of ylang ylang, frankincense and patchouli is said to help promote a restful night's sleep. I'm not sure that I sleep better after it but the products do smell and feel relaxing.

The fragrance is very subtle, unlike the regular Sanctuary range. The oil says you can use it on your hair as well as on your skin. I ended up putting the whole tube into a bath having used up all the bath milk and it was just lovely. I didn't need to moisturiser after my bath but I didn't feel like it was icky or greasy, either.

I think my favourite out of all four products is the body lotion. It's really hydrating but I love its bouncy, spongy texture in the tub. It's unlike any body lotion, butter or souffle I've ever tried before! I get a real kick out of it every time I open the jar!

These should be on shelves some time in September. Definitely worth checking out.

Rebecca xxx

PS, I was given my gift box free of charge for review purposes.

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Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Studio Smokey Eyes Giveaway Winner

studio smoky eyes

I’ve picked a winner using random.org. Congratulations, MeetJoSmith!!! I’ve sent you an email.

Thanks so much to everyone that entered. I’ll be running another giveaway next week so watch this space.


Rebecca xxx

Tuesday, 16 August 2011

Emma Hardie Amazing Face

eh pro cleanse kit

It’s going to be very hard not to let this post get ridiculously long. I’m going to do my very best, though.

A little while ago I was introduced to the world of Emma Hardie products after wanting to try them for what felt like forever. I’m so glad I waited as I was then able to watch a demo by Emma and listen to her passionately talk about her products. It’s made the world of difference and I’m completely hooked. Not just on the products but also the techniques she shared with us.

The standout for me has to be the Pro Cleansing system. The Moringa Cleansing Balm is a dream. It’s totally turned my skin around and it hasn’t looked this good in years! It’s one of those products that you put on a dry face with dry hands at the end of the day and then massage in while it melts away your makeup. Then you massage it off with the soft side of Emma’s specially designed cloth and some hot water. You’re left feeling refreshed, relaxed and your skin will glow immediately.

Sounds like a lot of massaging, right? It’s the massage that is key here. If you ever have the time or means to book in a session with Emma at her clinic to learn her massage techniques I couldn’t recommend it enough. Having been doing it on myself and my models it’s been life changing. My own skin is firmer, more refined and definitely looking younger. It also encourages my skin and muscles to behave in a way that defines my features more so my cheeks and chin are looking less puffy. My models all love the relaxing massage as part of their skin prep and it makes my job so much easier as they instantly look revived and gorgeous!

eh lotion light

The other thing I can’t live without is the new Hydrating Lighter Lotion. I’ve been using it on myself as a day lotion when the weather has been warm or humid lately. The smell is just too gorgeous for words. It’s all the rose, geranium and peppermint oils that make me feel like it’s going to be an amazing day. This is what I’ve also been using on set to prep models’ skin as well. I get them to breathe deeply while I put it on and that’s when I give them their facial massage. It creates the perfect canvas to start work on a beautiful base that looks fresh and natural.

eh serumAt night time I like to use the Plumping Serum under my night cream. I’ve noticed since using it that my skin tone is a lot more even and I think it’s had a big impact on the luminous appearance I’ve been able to achieve. It’s a very light texture and I just use one pump. It doesn’t make my skin feel overloaded at all and I feel like I don’t need quite as much night cream over the top as I would otherwise.

eh foaming wash

Finally, the Moringa Foaming Wash has also become a morning must have. I wouldn’t ordinarily use a foaming cleanser but this is the exception to my rule. I put a pump and a half all over my face first thing and let it get to work while I brush my teeth. Then I massage it off using my Konjac sponge, follow with the lotion and I’m ready to face the day. It smells and feels gorgeous! It’s super gentle and I like how it leaves my skin feeling fresh but not tight in the mornings.

I’ve included links to each of the products in this post and to Emma’s clinic as well. To read more about Emma’s amazing story and how she came to create all of these products you can click here. It’s a fascinating story and one that will very probably get you as hooked on these techniques and products as I am. I can’t see myself finding anything I prefer to these products any time soon. I couldn’t be happier with how my complexion is looking. Even my impending birthday and being another year older isn’t bothering me as much as usual!


Rebecca xxx

PS, I was very kindly given these products free of charge for review purposes. x

Monday, 15 August 2011

DIY Brush Holder

brush pot after

Sometimes I get the feeling I think about work too much. I suspect that if someone psychoanalysed what I got up to in some spare time the other day they’d probably agree with me. This is what happens when I have a few hours, a prit stick and a pair of scissors to hand.

I’ve been needing some new brush holders for my desk for a little while now. I’ve been putting it off for a bunch of reasons and then I came up with this great little idea! I hate waste and I hate constantly buying new things and feeding the culture of consumerism that I feel like is taking over more and more in today’s society. (Rant over) I also feel guilty every time I buy something new because I can’t help but think about the impact that’s had on the planet. In the same vein, I have a bunch of glass jars and plastic pots at home that I’ve been trying to find uses for rather than just recycling them.

So I found an old soup pot from last time I wasn’t feeling very well…

brush pot before

And thought it would be perfect for keeping my brushes in. Only problem was that it wasn’t the prettiest thing to look at and I’m a bit obsessed with everything around and on me being nice and bright at the moment. Then I noticed the pile of magazines that I needed to go through before I put them out for recycling. Cue several hours going through them all and doing this with a pair of inappropriately large scissors…

brush pot cuttings

Having given the pot a thorough clean I glued lips all over it starting from the largest pair and then filling in all the gaps with smaller and smaller lips until it was coated. Then I gave it a couple of coats of some matte floor varnish I still had in a cupboard from when I stripped back the floorboards in my house. Voila! Cute, cheap, planet friendly brush pot! I’m now in the middle of a pot covered with eyes and a small one covered in lipsticks for some cue tips and cotton pads.

The one thing about the soup pots is that they’re a wee bit tall for some of my brushes. To solve that I’m just going to grab some sand and put it at the bottom of the pot. That will also weigh it down a bit to make sure they’re not so easy to knock over. Shockingly, I can be quite clumsy at times so this is something I do actually need to consider!

Let me know if you’ve ever done anything similar!


Rebecca xxx

Friday, 12 August 2011

NOTD - Illamasqua Contrasting Tip

I love to play with colours on my nails. These two colours practically leapt out at me this morning. The khaki shade is Hectic and the yellow is Wayward. The Wayward needed two coats to cover the Hectic at the tips. With my limited manicure skills that proved a little tricky but I feel like it was totally worth it.

Rebecca xxx

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Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Superdrug Smokey Eyes and Giveaway

studio smoky eyes

studio smoky eyes instructions








These Studio Smoky Eye kits are part of the Superdrug Christmas gift range. For just £6.99 it’s a bit of a bargain. You get four baked eye shadows, a mascara, a brush and a glitter liner. There are also step by step instructions on how to create a great smoky eye on the inside of the packaging.

The kit is in a cardboard case that acts like a sort of book. You open it up and the instructions are inside the front cover and the products all sit in the facing “page”. The shadows are baked and glued in so they’re not something you can carry around with you. The rest are all easily portable.

As with most products like this, the brush included isn’t all that. To create a great smokey eye I would definitely suggest getting some other brushes. The demonstration photos show what kinds of brushes would work best.

The pigment in the shadows isn’t too bad. I’ve seen better and I’ve seen worse. The one thing I would say is that the white in the collection is frosted and it’s a shame it’s white rather than a neutral colour. A frosty, white highlighted colour can end up looking very dated on a smokey look.

I have one of these sets to give away. All you need to do is be a member via Google Friend Connect and leave a comment below saying “Enter Me”. I’ll be back in a week to pick a random winner.


Rebecca xxx

Tuesday, 9 August 2011

NOTD - Illamasqua Radium

Please excuse the smudges, but I had to show you this pretty colour. It's a yellow based lime that has a subtle and pretty iridescence shot through it. Two coats is a little much but one coat isn't enough. It's one of those pesky One And A Half Coat varnishes but the colour makes it totally worth the effort.

Rebecca xxx

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Monday, 8 August 2011

Being Content Natural Lift Facial Massage

Last week I got to experience the deliciousness that is the Being Content Natural Lift Facial Massage. Holy Moses! It’s the best thing that’s ever happened to me in my entire life! I left there feeling like I was floating and that everything was right and good in the world. Even walking down Oxford Street shortly after!

From the moment you step into the Being Content store you know you’re in for a treat. The atmosphere in there is delightful on every possible level. The shelves are filled with delectable treats and the staff are always happy, friendly, helpful and informative. You never feel like they’re too busy or that you’re interrupting their precious time, like in some other stores.

Before you head down to the treatment room you’re given a card with some pictures of flowers and you pick the one that appeals to you the most. This determines which products will be used as part of your treatment. The full description of the treatment is here. The room is really cosy and Laura talks you through how the whole process will work. Once you’re settled into the cosy treatment bed you get a cushion under your knees for extra comfort and your feet are wrapped in a lovely, warm towel.

That’s when the magic begins. Laura starts with the scalp massage before moving onto the facial treatments. It’s the perfect way to start relaxing. Please note, DON’T make plans to go to Claridges for tea after your treatment! You WILL have oil in your hair! The nature of the products mean it’s not as oily as most treatments but you will still have a “slicked back” effect. Frankly, you’ll be so blissed out that you won’t even care. I walked around all afternoon looking like a makeup free wreck and I couldn’t have been happier!

For the majority of the treatment I felt like I was floating on clouds and kept thinking how I hoped it would never end! The Slim Cera roller is the perfect way for the treatment to start winding down. The cool rollers gently bring you back to the land of the living and feel wonderful! I’ll do a separate post on its magical properties!

It turns out I had chosen the flower that meant I had the Infinite Love spray used in my treatment. I totally felt it as well! Small, screaming children and the pushing and shoving on the train really didn’t bother me at all! I’m SOOOOO going to order a bottle of that for every day use!

A couple of days later and my skin is definitely looking former, more even, brighter and plumper. I can’t wait to go back fro a second treatment!

Usually the treatment is £55 for 45 minutes but for August you can get a treatment for you and a friend for just £70. It’s worth every penny! Even more!!! You can book your spot by calling 020 3075 1006.


Rebecca xxx

PS, the gorgeous people at Being Content kindly gave me this treatment free of charge. I will, however, be booking in for more treatments and paying full price! I can’t wait! x

Friday, 5 August 2011

Stila is Back! In Boots!

It's back! And it's in Boots! We can use our Advantage Cards on purchases! I'm so happy!

My favourite foundation still appears to be discontinued but I'll never not hope it comes back. The Convertible Colours are all there like the faithful friends they are. Kitten eye shadow is there and it's been translated into a ton of other products as well. I didn't see the Kajal eye pencils but hopefully they'll be back too. They came in some great shades.

Get shopping!

Rebecca xxx

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Thursday, 4 August 2011

Superdrug Christmas Sets, Sweet Snuggles

They're coming back!!! Yay!!! I blogged about this set last year and this year it's back with even more delicious goodies! I'm so going to be stocking up! The bath crystals smell like toffee, the scrub smells like fudge and the body lotion smells like creme caramel. In fact, that's my favourite product. It's a brilliantly budget friendly version of the decadent Laura Mercier Creme Brûlée Body Souffle. The Laura Mercier goes for over £40. You can buy several Sweet Snuggles gift sets for that!

Rebecca xxx

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Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Vintage Festival

The Vintage Festival was on over the weekend and I was there for all of it. There were a selection of brilliant catwalk shows and I was on the team doing the makeup.

The first was the British Fashion Council doing Future Vintage. We did a glossy complexion, bare eyes and matte, red lips.

Then we had the Sue Tilley collection that was an amazing mixture of all things 80's. I had so much fun recreating this Leigh Bowery look.

On Saturday we had the Jo Wood show. As far as the clothes went, this was definitely my favourite of the weekend! The makeup was a smoky Brigitte Bardot inspired creation.

Our first show on Sunday was the Daisy and Pearl Lowe show where we were asked to recreate the look from Black Swan. It was a little daunting seeing as we had less than fifteen minutes per model but we got there!

The finale was pretty special and I even got to watch it from out the front rather than being out the back doing checks! It recently came to light that BA had kept all of its uniforms from over the years! The show was great and the models kept us all really entertained with their trolleys, tea service and knowledge of the emergency exits. For the makeup, we mostly kept it to a neutral eye and a red lip.

It was a great weekend! I didn't get to spend much time looking around but was caught disco dancing on my own on more than one occasion! All of my pictures are on the Le Salon De Beaute Facebook page.

Rebecca xxx

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Tuesday, 2 August 2011

Konjac Cleansing Sponge

konjac sponge 1

After reading Modesty Brown's post on her Konjac Sponge I just had to try one for myself. I got straight on the interweb and ordered the Green Clay version from Cocktail Cosmetics. At £5.75 it felt like a bit of a bargain as well.

I’m perpetually scared of exfoliating my face and it has been extremely problematic so this sounded like an answer to all my problems. I was super surprised that it arrived the very next morning! konjac spongeThe first thing I noticed was how it was minimally packaged. I get so frustrated when things arrive in the post with loads of unnecessary polystyrene, etc. This was just right.

Obviously I couldn’t wait to try it so I cracked it open right away and tried it out. It’s so squishy and soft! It’s damp when it arrives and has loads of bounce to it. I love that it’s vegetable sponge and that when I’m finished with it I can compost it. You can just use it on it’s own without a cleanser but I like to put my Emma Hardie Fomaing Cleanser on, brush my teeth, massage with the Konjac Sponge then rinse off any residue. it’s like cleansing with a fairy cake and my skin feels so nice and tingly under the surface afterwards!

konjac sponge 2 

After about a week it does start to dry out a little but just pop it under some warm water before you use it and it will be fine. My skin is so happy after just using it for a few weeks. In fact, it was a lot calmer and clearer a few days after I started using it! I don’t think I’ll ever be without this little gem. In fact, I really want to get a couple for my kit. They’re perfect for a super gentle exfoliation and to get the complexion glowing.


Rebecca xxx

Monday, 1 August 2011

NOTD - Nails Inc and Ciate

I got loads of compliments on this combination whilst backstage on the catwalk shows at the Vintage Festival over the weekend. On most of my nails I was wearing Fabulous Ghetto by Ciate. One nail on each hand had two coats of Buckingham St by Nails Inc. I love the mixture of purple and gold glitter in the Buckingham St. It was particularly appropriate when I kept taking any spare moments I got to dance under the disco balls on the terrace up at the Style Studio to the likes of Stevie Wonder and Earth, Wind & Fire!

Rebecca xxx

PS, I received both of these varnishes free of charge for review purposes.

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