Thursday, 19 January 2012

Topshop Sisters Of The New Moon

Yesterday I was at a few meetings looking at beautiful new things coming up in the world of makeup. I thought I'd show you some bits from Topshop that I thought were really cute.

In the pic above there are two new nail varnish shades and a nail tattoo from the new line hitting stores around mid February. The silver varnish is called Starlight and the warmer tone is Crystal Clouds. They're so shiny! I only needed one coat as well, which is ace.

The nail tattoos are really cute. I love the whole mystic theme coming up for SS/12 and went with a pretty swallow on one nail and some stars on another.

I also really liked this lip product! There are a few of these about but this is extra cute with the infused glitter. It's one of those lip colours that adapts to your own Ph levels. This is very, very sheer and, despite the pretty glitter, you won't end up with disco ball lips. *sad face* It's really fun, though so I couldn't resist sharing.

These should be in most Topshop stores around the UK mid February.

Rebecca xxx

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liloo said...

yay, lovely to see you blogging again. This is a gorgeous polish and i love these little stickers on accent nail. Looks deffo 10 times simpler than a whole konadicure x
liloo/@tsunimee xx

Rebecca said...

@liloo It's soooooo much easier than the Konad system!!!! Although, I really need to be more patient. I didn't wait till everything was perfectly dry to put the transfer on then do the top coats. Already mushed it a little. Must allow more than ten minutes for these things or not do them on days I'm running around a lot!!