Tuesday, 21 February 2012

My Current Skincare System

skincare system

I’ve been getting loads of compliments on my skin lately so I thought I’d share what I’ve been using with you. In the picture above I’m just wearing a little concealer, mascara and lip colour. Living the dream! Yay!!!

In the mornings I cleanse with Zelens then apply Murad Blemish and Wrinkle Reducer Serum. For eye cream I’m using Zelens and my morning moisturiser is Dr Brandt Pore Effect. Despite being 35 I’m still prone to hormonal and stress related breakouts so my morning products are all geared towards keeping those pesky spots at bay.

My evening system is all about a thorough cleanse and keeping my skin firm and looking young. I remove my makeup with Nars Makeup Removing Oil then follow up with my Zelens Radiance Cleanser for a thorough clean. Once a week I’ll add in some Emma Hardie Exfoliating Seeds with the cleanser as well. Again, I follow up with my Murad Serum and Zelens Eye Cream. My evening moisturiser is my Zelens Moisturiser for an extra anti ageing, radiance booster.

I’ll be very reluctant to change any of these products when they run out but we all know how easily my head can be turned by something new and interesting! I’ve already got new items lined up!!! In the evenings I do my Emma Hardie facial massage to keep my circulation and facial muscles activated. I also only change my products one at a time as they run out. If I change everything at once my skin gets VERY unhappy! I also try to make sure the active ingredients in products aren’t conflicting. It’s a nice mixture of gentle and active products so my skin doesn’t get overloaded. I think this is really important.

I hope this was helpful.


Rebecca xxx

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