Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Zelens – Magical Skincare

A little while back I received a set of Zelens skin care. I didn’t know a lot about it other than it was developed by a dermatologist that specialises in skin cancer. I was intrigued and started using all three products. I don’t usually switch so abruptly as my skin doesn’t like sudden change. However, this seems to be the exception that is proving the rule.

The Zelens range includes three key products. A radiance cleanser, an anti-ageing cream and an eye cream. I’m using all three. In addition to this, I use a day cream geared towards hydration and keeping breakouts at bay and a serum both day and night. I’ve not had so many compliments on my skin since I was 19!! It’s looking smooth, young and radiant! All the things you want from skin in your mid thirties!! Heck, at any age!!

So what are these products and how do they work? It’s a range that keeps eco-responsibility as its base line and includes Japanese herbal elements, plant extracts and active ingredients to keep skin alive and vibrant. These are all things that pique my interest and make me want to try a product out.

The cleanser is a creamy consistency that comes in a pump bottle. I use two pumps and always double cleanse in the evenings if I’ve been wearing makeup. It feels really gentle, doesn’t sting, tingle or leave my skin feeling dry and tight. With ingredients like camellia oil, pearl extract and vitamin E it’s very calming and brightening.

The cream comes in a pot and seems to last forever. You don’t need a lot to feel moisturised and it has a gel/cream consistency that means it’s nice to wear under makeup during the day. It really does hydrate, plump and firm skin beautifully. The main ingredient here is ursolic acid. This is an ingredient that does a whole bunch of stuff including; anti-inflammatory, anti-oxidant, collagen boosting.

Finally, there is an eye cream. I LOVE this product! I wear it day and night. It’s another gel/cream consistency that comes in a pot and goes beautifully under makeup. It’s helping my puffiness and my dark circles have started to look less scary. Those dark circles have plagued me all my adult life so it’s great to see them fading! This is definitely a product I’d repurchase. (So unlike me!) It is full of patented ingredients developed by Dr Lens full of sciency stuff. I’m usually a real ingredient-geek that would go through them but this would become a very long post indeed! These are serious and potent goodies!!!

Obviously, miracle products like this come with a price tag. However, they’re worth every penny. The cleanser is £40, the cream £95 and the eye cream £75. I worked this weekend with just concealer, some cream blush and mascara on and everyone kept telling me how radiant I looked. That makes it work the price tag, if you ask me!

If you click on this link, you’ll be able to see all the retailers of Zelens near you. I can’t recommend it enough!


Rebecca xxx

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