Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Despite my useless optimism, I don’t think I really believe in love at first sight. However, today I experienced love at first spritz. I think I might be in love with Percy & Reed. I was treated to some TLC for my neglected locks and I’m hooked.

First, some of the Dry Conditioner was sprayed onto a tangle teezer and brushed through my hair. It was instantly shiny and soft and brushed through really easily. I’d never heard of dry conditioner before! This is perfect to spray through your mid lengths and ends after doing your roots with some dry shampoo. Don’t use this if you have super curly hair, though. It does need to be brushed through.

Then some Texturising Spray was spritzed through my hair. It was a whole new experience!! Usually texturising sprays are crunchy and dehydrating for your hair. This is quite the opposite! You don’t necessarily get the same surf styling out of this but you definitely get more definition, wave and texture. What I love is that your hair feels amazing soft and gorgeous!!! This is one I’m definitely going to be using a lot during the summer!!!!!!
Then there is the website. Go have a look! It’s super cute and has some great How To videos that I just love! Check out this gorgeous wave style!
40's Wave
I’m dying to go to The Salon for a visit. It sounds so fab! A really great place where each client has their own spot where they have their own ipod dock, there are often home made brownies being passed around and everyone is super friendly.
Have you tried any Percy & Reed products??
Rebecca xxx

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