Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Easter Treats

My Mum and Dad are so fab. They know how much I love Aussie store, Alannah Hill, so they sent me a package of Easter treats from there! So much better than chocolate!

How cute is this coat? I'd been thinking that I needed a new trench for Spring but this is so much more fun! It's perfect for this season with the pastel tones and ruffled hem.

Check out the two pairs of gloves as well! I'm loving the lace gloves and the diamante, fingerless driving gloves are making me want to sort my drivers license even more than usual!!

Finally, the headband. How Stepfordly sweet is this?

I can't wait to give these some outings! I'm completely ready for clear, blue skies and cherry blossom time now!

Rebecca xxx

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tmcmaus said...

So glad you liked all your goodies. The coat looks fab. So you!!!!! XXXXX