Thursday, 8 March 2012

GHD Scarlet

ghd scarlet box

When I was asked if I’d like to try the new GHD Scarlet I was not expecting a giant box like this one!!! Look how pretty and art deco-ish it all is!! I had run to the post office on my way out for a full day about town and had to carry this everywhere with me! Oi vei!

So what was inside such a treasure box? Look…!!!

ghd scarlet inside box

There was another pretty box with a travel hair dryer, section clips, a special clutch bag and the straighteners! Ooh la la! Look how pretty it all is! The pretty clutch bag has heatproof pockets in it for your straighteners in case you need them on the go. So cute!

I got caught in the rain today (isn’t it spring yet???) so gave them all a go. I went with a poker straight look as I keep hearing that this look is coming back.

rain hair

This is my rain hair. It’s naturally very wavy and goes in all kinds of strange directions. The other day I spent a whole day with a section of my fringe sticking straight up in the air! Another artist and I tried everything without heated tools to make it go down but it refused and became even more defiant! It’s ridiculously wilful hair!




ghd blow dried

So I started by getting as much of the wave out as I could with the drier. It’s okay. It doesn’t pack the punch that a regular drier would but it did the trick. I was using Tresemme Heat Defence Serum to protect my hair and to keep it nice and smooth. Then I got to pull the pretty clutch with the straighteners out! Yay!


ghd scarlet cover

They have these great little covers on them and the ceramic plates are a gorgeous shade of red! It makes doing your hair so much nicer.

ghd scarlet plates




I have a little bad news, the clutch bag is already falling apart! All I did was take it from the box and rest the GHDs on it while I did my hair! The fabric is coming away from the metal frame. There go my plans for taking it out anywhere. Drats. Meanwhile, they were heated up before you could say Jiminy Cricket and I was off!

poker straightWithin ten minutes I had poker straight hair. I’m not sure it’s the look for me. You all know I have that obsession with big hair. But I’m definitely going to give these a go curling my hair for gorgeous waves next time I’m going out.

You can get your Scarlet set here at GHD for £149.


Rebecca xxx

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