Monday, 28 May 2012

Lovely London


The sun has been shining on London! It’s such a rare and wondrous thing!!!!

My friend, Leona, and I had a perfect day making the most of it last week. We met early and caught the Hermes exhibit at the Royal Academy. It was amazing! The flaming saddle was quite a high point. The staff were amazing as well. They couldn’t have been more helpful making sure we didn’t miss anything.

Both of us were struggling with plague-esque colds so we decided to go sit down to recover. The Wolseley was totally calling our names and their chicken soup was exactly what we needed to keep us going! You know you’re getting something good when it’s poured out of the pot right at your table. Yummmmmm.


From there we wandered about and landed down by the preparations outside Buckingham Palace for the Jubilee Weekend. It looks like it will be great if the weather can hold out!!! It was amazingly fun to watch it all going up. There is mega bunting everywhere!!!!


With not a cloud in the sky and our energy levels waning, we decided to sit in the park for a little while. Even for a weekday it was soooooo busy!! People were sunbathing as though it was Bondi Beach!!! I don’t think I’ll ever not be weirded out by people wearing bikinis in the city.

After we found a suitable patch I set straight to work. There were super cute daisies everywhere so I couldn’t resist making daisy chains for us both to wear. Hours of entertainment! Can you tell I’m not one to sunbathe for hours at a time? I need to constantly be doing things or I get really restless and bored. Oops.


Having had arts and crafts hour, we took in a movie, went for an al fresco dinner and headed for home. Not bad for two sickies!!! I know we were forecast to have an almighty storm today and rain all week, but I really hope the weather keeps going! It just makes life so much better!!!


Rebecca xxx

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