Thursday, 31 May 2012

Things I’ve Been Loving In This Sunny Weather

I have insanely delicate skin when it comes to sun exposure. Being from Australia’s sunny shores, I’m quietly obsessed about not getting burnt. Okay, maybe not so quiet. I love the UK sun because I can walk down the street on a sunny day and not feel the sting of burn like I used to back home. It’s a much milder sun over here in Europe. However, this last week of joyous weather has been different to usual. I’m feeling that bite that I used to get in Sydney again. I don’t like it. I don’t want more freckles, burn or sun damage!

Institut Esthederm has been my favourite sun protection for years. I trust it implicitly and I know it takes care of my pale, delicate skin. This is one of those products that you need to know how to use, though. This product works internally as well as externally. Like most sunscreens, it shields you from the sun with the layer you put over your skin. It’s a little known fact that a regular sunscreen requires two  to three tablespoons of product per application. That’s a lot of product! With Institut Esthederm, the regular amount we’d normally apply is completely sufficient.

The internal protection comes from the ingredient, Adaptasun, that encourages our own melanin to rise to the top of our skin. This means that when the external protection wears off we’re not left completely exposed but have our own barrier to get us through till we reapply our product. Genius! The side note to this is that the melanin also gives us a tan. One that is even and natural. The trick to using this is that you need to plan ahead. To get the full benefit you need to start applying it once a day for three weeks before you go away on your holiday (or get any real sun exposure). This gives the product time to do what it needs to do internally. If you don’t have that kind of time, try putting it on twice a day for the ten days before you’ll be in the sun. You’ll also need to reapply every two hours whilst sun bathing.

It comes in three varieties; one, two and three suns. It depends on the climate and your skin type as to which you would choose. I’m a three sun girl. It has more protection and less of the Adaptasun ingredient that gives you the tan. If you really want to look like a bronzed goddess, try layering it over the new UVIncellium Bronzant spray. It’s another product you’ll need to use twice a day for the fifteen days before you go away, but trust me, you’ll have the best tan ever!

The other product I’m loving is Hampton Sun SPF 70 For Kids. I don’t have kids. I’m not often around kids. I like it for me. It’s a super light can with an aerosol style mist and it’s clear!!! Clear! In fact, I really love the sheen it gives to the skin while it’s on. It has a light, serumy texture that is super comfortable and it smells yummy. Being the child I am, I also get a kick out of the “toot” sound it makes when you dispense it. It’s supposed to be for The Kids but it’s so much fun to put on! Even for me!! Plus, I love the great protection I get out of it.

I won’t lie, these are at the more expensive end of the sunscreen price range. The Esthederm is £40 for 150ml and Hampton Sun is £29 for 141g. However, they will certainly last longer than your average sunscreen and you’re going to get the protection you need. It’s hard to put a price on that.

On a more disappointing note, it’s grey and cloudy as I write this. I think the sun might be gone for a while. Time to book a flight to somewhere more exotic, I suspect!!!


Rebecca xxx

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