Friday, 15 June 2012

Skin Drinks

I love feeding my skin from the inside out. For some reason, when the sun comes out these are the foods I crave. It's one downside of not living in Australia anymore. I really did look after my body a lot more before I moved to the UK.

This week I've been back on the beta carotene trail. I couldn't get any rockmelon (cantaloupe?) so I settled for a regular melon and a few carrots. It's a taste sensation and by the next morning you'll see the difference in your skin. Plus, it's yummy.

My other standby concoctions are apple, celery, cucumber and aloe or beetroot, ginger, apple and celery.

Particularly with beetroot, try to drink these at room temperature. Cold juice can do more damage than good. If my ingredients are straight out of the fridge I sit the glass of juice in a bowl of boiling water for a few minutes before I drink it. Also beware of gulping these down. It's more of a sipping experience in order to get the full benefit.

Rebecca xxx

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