Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Gamila’s Secret

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Did you ever think I’d be telling you that I’ve been using soap on my face? Or that I’m actually recommending it?? This is where I tell you to brace yourself.

So this isn’t a soap in the traditional sense of the word. Gamila and her family prefer to call it a dry cream. It’s created by cold pressing a combination of 15 herbs and plants, blending them and letting it set for about six months. I was fascinated to see the difference between bars that had only been setting for a month or so in comparison to the ones that have had their full setting time. You could really smell the difference as well.

The fragrance of the soap is very fresh and natural. I love it. I also love the simplicity of the product. I use it in the shower as an all over body soap as well as a facial cleanser. It’s so quick and easy! I remove my mascara and eye makeup with a separate remover then do a double cleanse with the soap. My skin felt a little tight the first couple of times but has been happy ever since. I love how clean it feels as well.

I don’t know if it’s the soap or the facial oil but I’ve noticed my pores are a lot more refined, my skin is brighter and firmer with a more even tone. It’s making me so happy. I need a lot less foundation and concealer as well.

I was a little sceptical about using a face oil in the day as well as the night. I have been using one pump in the day and two at night. My makeup goes on really nicely over it! It smells great as well! Obviously you need to keep this away from your hair, though. Especially at night when I’ve used a double dose!

So for the last few weeks I’ve just been cleansing with the soap and moisturising with the face oil. I still spritz with my Jurlique toner and use my Jurlique Herbal Recovery Gel serum underneath. Once a week I mix my Emma Hardie exfoliating seeds with the soap lather and I still do a weekly Dr Brandt Detoxygen Mask. Two nights a week I forgo the oil for my Alpha H Liquid Gold.

I’m loving Gamilla’s Secret! To discover her fascinating story, click here. It’s totally worth the watch. I love that this amazing lady has paved the way for so many other women to go into business for themselves and be self sufficient!!

You can now get her gorgeous products in the UK at House of Fraser.


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