Wednesday, 21 March 2012

Despite my useless optimism, I don’t think I really believe in love at first sight. However, today I experienced love at first spritz. I think I might be in love with Percy & Reed. I was treated to some TLC for my neglected locks and I’m hooked.

First, some of the Dry Conditioner was sprayed onto a tangle teezer and brushed through my hair. It was instantly shiny and soft and brushed through really easily. I’d never heard of dry conditioner before! This is perfect to spray through your mid lengths and ends after doing your roots with some dry shampoo. Don’t use this if you have super curly hair, though. It does need to be brushed through.

Then some Texturising Spray was spritzed through my hair. It was a whole new experience!! Usually texturising sprays are crunchy and dehydrating for your hair. This is quite the opposite! You don’t necessarily get the same surf styling out of this but you definitely get more definition, wave and texture. What I love is that your hair feels amazing soft and gorgeous!!! This is one I’m definitely going to be using a lot during the summer!!!!!!
Then there is the website. Go have a look! It’s super cute and has some great How To videos that I just love! Check out this gorgeous wave style!
40's Wave
I’m dying to go to The Salon for a visit. It sounds so fab! A really great place where each client has their own spot where they have their own ipod dock, there are often home made brownies being passed around and everyone is super friendly.
Have you tried any Percy & Reed products??
Rebecca xxx

Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Easter Treats

My Mum and Dad are so fab. They know how much I love Aussie store, Alannah Hill, so they sent me a package of Easter treats from there! So much better than chocolate!

How cute is this coat? I'd been thinking that I needed a new trench for Spring but this is so much more fun! It's perfect for this season with the pastel tones and ruffled hem.

Check out the two pairs of gloves as well! I'm loving the lace gloves and the diamante, fingerless driving gloves are making me want to sort my drivers license even more than usual!!

Finally, the headband. How Stepfordly sweet is this?

I can't wait to give these some outings! I'm completely ready for clear, blue skies and cherry blossom time now!

Rebecca xxx

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Friday, 16 March 2012

Alpha H Facial At The Fern Clinic

Holy Moses, wow and omigosh. I had the most amazing facial this week!!! The lovely people at Fern Skin Clinic treated me to an amazing experience. The 90 minute Alpha H facial.

I’ve tried Alpha H Liquid Gold before. Sure, it was an amazing product but now I feel like I need to start using more and more of their products. My skin looks amazing!!!! It feels divine and I swear it’s taken years off. Everything looks lifted, firmer, smoother, glowier.

Let me tell you how it went down…

Cleanse and prep: Clear Skin Daily Face Wash. It was so fresh and invigorating!!

Exfoliate: Micro Cleanse. This is a mixture of fruit acids and micro beads. It was really lovely and the cucumber and mint infusion helped to keep my skin calm.

Mask: Professional Papaya and Pineapple Enzyme Exfoliating Mask. My face actually got wrapped in clingfilm for this part of the treatment!! It was a brilliant sensation. I could feel my skin being stimulated and doing all sorts of wondrous things!

After that, lovely Nicki spent time working on some extraction. I’ve never had an extraction before. It was fab! Nicki made sure it was completely painless, even when she got out the needle to work on my stubborn milia.

Post extraction I was then treated to the Azulene Mask with Bilberry. Wowwww!!!! It felt like a super thick layer of latex on my face and it got taken off in one solid piece! It’s packed with Chamomile-derived Azulene, Vitamin C and Bilberry extract. It was perfect for my sensitive skin and really helped to minimise the redness from the extraction.

Massage: Age Delay Facial Oil. This felt amazing!!! Nicki clearly has a magic touch and the combination had me struggling to stay awake. I’m pretty sure I drifted off a couple of times despite my efforts to remain alert.

Finishing Touches: Age Delay Intensive Eye & Lip Treatment Cream and the brand new Daily Essential SPF 50 Moisturiser. Wow!!! I really have to get my hands on that moisturiser! It was so light and non greasy yet I felt happy and confident to let my face get a little sunshine on the walk back to the station! Woohoo!

You really MUST give this facial a try! Fern Skin Clinic is a short walk from Belsize Park tube. The 90 minute treatment costs £104 and is worth every penny to look and feel as good as I do right now! If you have a special occasion, a wedding or a birthday coming up it would be the perfect way to make sure you’re looking your best. I am definitely going to get my hands on some Alpha H as well! My skin is just loving it!!


Rebecca xxx

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Thursday, 15 March 2012

National Wedding Show Birmingham


It’s come around so quickly!!! I’m on the road to Birmingham for another round of the National Wedding Show. I’ll be with Mariam Jensen doing makeup on the gorgeous catwalk models. I hope you’ll come along!!! The show is Friday, Saturday and Sunday.


Rebecca xxx

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Style Swoon

cara delevingne

I haven’t seen such a gorgeous pic in forever. This is too divine for words! Oh, I LOVE fashion week!!!!!


Rebecca xxx

Monday, 12 March 2012

VO5 Plump Me Up Dry Shampoo


Double duty products make me very happy. Products that serve two purposes and make my hair bigger make me, practically, ecstatic. Is it a dry shampoo? Is it a plumping powder? It’s both!!!!! It does BOTH!!!!! *dies of happiness*

This smells gorgeous and leaves hair feeling fresh and gorgeous even if you haven’t had time to give it a proper wash and blow dry. I really do like to try give my hair a few days between washes otherwise my scalp gets really dry. This is great as I don’t have to overload it with product to keep the volume and my hair keeps its freshness. For the volume obsessed of us, this is some of the best news for ages. If you’re a brunette, you won’t get that grey badger streak that other dry shampoos leave either. Hooray!

You can find VO5 in Superdrug and Tesco.


Rebecca xxx

Thursday, 8 March 2012

GHD Scarlet

ghd scarlet box

When I was asked if I’d like to try the new GHD Scarlet I was not expecting a giant box like this one!!! Look how pretty and art deco-ish it all is!! I had run to the post office on my way out for a full day about town and had to carry this everywhere with me! Oi vei!

So what was inside such a treasure box? Look…!!!

ghd scarlet inside box

There was another pretty box with a travel hair dryer, section clips, a special clutch bag and the straighteners! Ooh la la! Look how pretty it all is! The pretty clutch bag has heatproof pockets in it for your straighteners in case you need them on the go. So cute!

I got caught in the rain today (isn’t it spring yet???) so gave them all a go. I went with a poker straight look as I keep hearing that this look is coming back.

rain hair

This is my rain hair. It’s naturally very wavy and goes in all kinds of strange directions. The other day I spent a whole day with a section of my fringe sticking straight up in the air! Another artist and I tried everything without heated tools to make it go down but it refused and became even more defiant! It’s ridiculously wilful hair!




ghd blow dried

So I started by getting as much of the wave out as I could with the drier. It’s okay. It doesn’t pack the punch that a regular drier would but it did the trick. I was using Tresemme Heat Defence Serum to protect my hair and to keep it nice and smooth. Then I got to pull the pretty clutch with the straighteners out! Yay!


ghd scarlet cover

They have these great little covers on them and the ceramic plates are a gorgeous shade of red! It makes doing your hair so much nicer.

ghd scarlet plates




I have a little bad news, the clutch bag is already falling apart! All I did was take it from the box and rest the GHDs on it while I did my hair! The fabric is coming away from the metal frame. There go my plans for taking it out anywhere. Drats. Meanwhile, they were heated up before you could say Jiminy Cricket and I was off!

poker straightWithin ten minutes I had poker straight hair. I’m not sure it’s the look for me. You all know I have that obsession with big hair. But I’m definitely going to give these a go curling my hair for gorgeous waves next time I’m going out.

You can get your Scarlet set here at GHD for £149.


Rebecca xxx

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Wednesday, 7 March 2012

Nude Deep Cleansing Mask

What a fab, little mask! I didn’t think much when I picked this up to give it a try. I’ve used Nude skincare before and loved it. I’m not sure why I was so disinterested when I got this but was just in need of a cleansing mask as I have a few spots at the minute. I really must pay more attention when picking things up to try on my face.

The instructions call for clean, dry skin before applying. That’s because it slides off wet skin. Make sure both your hands and face are dry. The smell isn’t terrific but it’s not the worst thing in the world, either. It’s a very earthy fragrance. You need to keep it on for ten minutes so I use it while I’m soaking in a lovely bath with an oil or some such so don’t really smell it anyway.

What happens at the end of ten minutes? Amazingly soft skin! My spots were significantly calmer and my overall skin tone was more even and bright. Fabulous! I must remember to get some more Nude products next time something runs out!

What’s in the mask, you ask? It’s a moussy texture based on kaolin clay. This will absorb any excess oil and give you a gentle exfoliation. There is also propolis and buriti for cleansing pores and giving you that silky smooth complexion.

You can get your Deep Cleansing Mask from Being Content for £28.


Rebecca xxx

Monday, 5 March 2012

Marni For H&M

I love Marni. Love love love. It’s always their outfits that are my favourites on shoots and I dream of owning my own Marni ensemble some day. I was soooo excited when I heard they were doing a line for H&M! And the drop day is getting seriously close!
I’ve been looking at any and all photos of the collection that I can and I’m obsessed with the video. You can watch it here. Swoon! The makeup is to die for as well!
Will you be lining up to get your mitts on a piece when it hits stores? Sadly, I’m not the type to camp outside a store. I wish I was!!! I’ll keep dreaming of the day I can have my own Marni for now.
Rebecca xxx

Friday, 2 March 2012

Pixi Glow Tinker Bell Collection

pixi tink window

I die. I die, I die, I die, I die. I’m in makeup HEAVEN!!! I may have mentioned once or twice before that I LOVE TINKER BELL! Several of my friends are aware that I have a beautiful Tinker Bell costume on standby in case a last minute costume party ever comes up. My first ever pieces of makeup were also Tinker Bell makeup. I was four years old. I loved them. Can you imagine how dizzy I was when I got to have a play with these magical, little pieces of wonderment? (Ok, I’d been out and about all day, I hadn’t really eaten anything and it was a very crowded room.) I love the character that Tinker Bell is. She’s gorgeous, kind hearted, wilful, funny, a bit clumsy and she makes MAGIC!!! What’s not to love? I also love that these new Disney sketches of Tinks have her looking just a wee bit more sophisticated and slightly grown up. Obviously she’s ageless, but it’s almost like she’s on the same journey that we are.

Look how PRETTY THESE ARE!!! I’ll try to stop shouting…

pixi tink collection boxed

pixi tink collection

It was after getting them out of their boxes that I realised I wouldn’t be able to use any of this. It’s all going into my secret collection of pretty makeup that I just look at. Like some of my MAC Hello Kitty collection and my cat shaped Paul & Joe liptsicks. It’s too beautiful and precious to actually use.

I am going to make a couple of purchases, though. I think they’ll be the three pencils, Catching Shadows Crayon in Beaming Reflection, Straight on till Morning Liner and the Magic Tink Tint in Happy Thoughts Pink. Oh, did I mention how adorable the names are?? I tried the crayon and liner on my hand last night and not only are the colours gorgeous, but I went for tea and a cookie, had a two hour journey as well as having washed my hands a few times and generally been fussing about. Neither of them budged! I had to scrub them off in the bath before bed! That’s the kind of staying power I like in an eye pencil. The Catching Shadows Crayon is a pretty champagne colour and the Straight on till Morning liner is a stunning dark olive green infused with flecks of gold dust. Divine, sophisticated and Tinker-tastic all in one.

pixi tink face palettepixi tink shadows

pixi tink blush pixi tink lip colours

The Fairy Face Palette is very pretty. It’s not something I’d really put in my kit and I have to admit to being slightly disappointed that there wasn’t a matte nude colour in the shadows. That’s my most frequent dilemma in all eye palettes lately. I have it on good authority that matte shadows are a much harder sale for retailers as they’re trickier for the average girl to work with. I get it. It’s just that I don’t like using a shimmer on my brow bone and being 35, it’s hard to pull of the “glowy” look all day every day. Apart from that, these are really pretty and would suit anyone. The colours are all Tinker Bell inspired and fit perfectly into the fairy fantasy of the entire collection. The lip colours are all very easy to wear and quite balmy.

To complete the collection, there is a gorgeous pink nail varnish and a super sweet pot of fairy dust that comes with an applicator. Clearly that’s coming with me when I get the chance to don my Tinker-costume complete with light up fairy wand. Yes, I’m 35 and own a light up fairy wand. It’s ace and I love and it makes me happy.

You can get your Tinker Bell makeup from Pixi directly or from Boots.


Rebecca xxx

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Thursday, 1 March 2012

Night Bird


I got to work with a lovely hair stylist last weekend at The National Wedding Show last weekend. We decided to do a Night Bird themed shoot on Monday. It was super quick and due to a bunch of dilemmas, I only had about ten minutes to do the makeup. I love how it’s worked out. Kasia constructed an amazing pair of wings out hair and Konstantine just made everything perfection with the pictures he took. I’m really looking forward to working with them again! This time, without the crazy lashes.


Rebecca xxx